Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rage from the left - With update

I learned a few things yesterday:

1. Misogyny and sexism are both alive and well in Canada. (*I can personally attest to this.)

2. Free speech is the exclusive privilege of the Left.

3. According to most Progressives, Lifesite is not a credible source, and anyone even linking to it as a reference is homophobic. (So I won't link to it here. Lesson learned.)

4. There is a lot of anger out there.

5. Controversy generates a lot of hits on a blog (a record 841 for this one yesterday).

And so, my journey continues.

* * * *
* The level of debate begins to decline the minute someone uses a personal attack instead of logic. When men use sexually disparaging remarks against women, they lose the argument by default.

It's interesting that women from opposite political views can agree on that one point.

In fact, guys, let me tell you something: When you attempt to diminish a woman with sexual remarks, that is harassment and abuse. A lot of women are familiar with that. They band together against it. And so it becomes empowering.

As an aside, I've had very few discussions with lesbians that weren't respectful for the most part - a bit heated sometimes, but usually civil.

Thursday Update: Aaron chronicles the whole fiasco in a fairly non-partisan manner, and asks some interesting questions. Well worth the read.