Sunday, June 03, 2007

Open thread for your venting pleasure

One topic I might suggest is the allegation of the Ipperwash Inquiry being a whitewash, perpetrated by Dalton McGuinty to make him look good and Harris look bad.

But there have been several editorials in newspapers across the nation questioning why Judge Linden totally disregarded any kind of responsibility or culpability regarding native actions.

Another is the question of Dalton McGuinty as leader. A recent poll shows voters appear to be ambivalent. Greg Staples says:

I don't think he is a bad Premier. I don't think he is a good Premier. The best I can muster up is I think he is the Premier.

Do you agree? After Lotto-gate, Colle-gate, FlickOff-gate, the $900 Health Care Premium and recycled promises just to mention a few, are you merely ambivalent?

From the Sun:

McGuinty will run in this fall’s election as the “environmental” premier, who has promised to close Ontario’s greenhouse-gas-emitting, coal-fired energy plants.

Call it the pledge so nice, he’s making it twice. McGuinty promised in the 2003 election to close those plants by this year. Now he’s talking 2014 — maybe.

Good grief. How gullible does Dalton think we are?

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Update: Sandy vents here!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Another editorial by the Record. I had to add it in comments due to linkage problems in the main post:

"Ipperwash Lessons Must Be Learned".

And that's a Liberal paper, baby.

Gabby in QC said...

For some reason, whenever I try to post anything at Jack's Newswatch & at Crux of the Matter, my comment gets caught in the spam filter.

I believe valuable research is being done by ladies like Sandy, NB Tory Lady and yourself, Joanne, to bring out some facts to counter the bias in the MSM.
Case in point? Sandy's compilation of the Accomplishments of the Conservative Government. Since I cannot access Sandy's site, here's a link to NB Tory Lady's list.

Go take a look. It's an impressive list. Hats off to the ladies for compiling the list, and hats off to the Conservatives for getting things done.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Gabby! Yes, Sandy and NB Tory Lady have done a great job. Those lists are very useful for reference material.

Too bad you're having trouble with Sandy's site. I'll let her know.

Gabby in QC said...

Oh, sorry. I should have mentioned I emailed both Sandy & Jack to let them know about the problem, so don't bother, Joanne. Thanks anyway.

Sandy (COTM) said...

Hi Gabby -- I checked my spam filter and I don't have you in there. All I can think of is that your e-mail is unusual. The other day I actually got Joanne's in my auto moderation. I was able to accept the comment though, which I would still be able to do as long as your there.

Now, I posted the accomplishment list at: (my old site) but for some reason the links are not live. But if you got it at NB Tory Lady -- good. It's also available at Tori's 2cents.

It's bizarre, but Word Press has a lot of better features than blogger but you can only access blogger. The main thing I like about Word Press is that you can go in and edit comments. You have complete control. It's not delete the whole comment or not. You can also add an Ed. note. But, that said, I find posting photos hard at both sites.

Nice to hear from you. Keep me posted via Joanne. We are friends and she will let me know what's up.

Try clicking on my live link here with the comment and see what happens.

Gabby in QC said...

Again, thanks for taking the time, Sandy.

I didn't try to post at your site today, for the simple reason that all I see is a practically blank screen. It happened again when I clicked on your link here.

I posted at Jack's today, but the comment was caught in the spam filter despite my using a different email address without numbers, as you advised I do.

That's OK, I'll continue to pollute Joanne's place ;-) ...

PGP said...

Lot's of reasons to get rid of the dufus.

Of course MB had lot's of reasons to get rid of our Doer-fus!

But the sheeple are content in their happy little socialist Paradise!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That's OK, I'll continue to pollute Joanne's place ;-)

lol! Pollute away, Gabby! You are always welcome here.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The main thing I like about Word Press is that you can go in and edit comments. You have complete control. It's not delete the whole comment or not. You can also add an Ed. note.

Sandy, do you mean you can edit other people's comments; not just your own?

Swift said...

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Swift said...

The Ipperwash inquiry took three years and cost three milliom dollars, but ignored the residents. Their story could be your story some time soon, no matter where you live in Ontario(maybe Canada?). Just ask the residents of Caledonia.

Sandy said...

Hi Jo -- I've linked to you on the same topic. I am going to do one broken promise a day -- plus each day reminding people about the broken promise on increasing taxes. Don't know if it will make a difference. But, we have to keep at it, day after day. The McGuinty election team is obviously bringing this issue out early in the hopes it will go away. Let's make sure it doesn't.

Swift said...

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