Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A note for the raucous left

It seems that some from the left are quite indignant that I removed the post, "Another Inconvenient Truth", which is still available as a cached version for those who are interested (remember that whatever you write on the internet is there forever).

The reason I did this was simply because I was tired of deleting comments from trolls. Holsinger's work has been discredited by many on the left, and Lifesite is regularly discredited as a reliable resource by many 'progressive' bloggers.

I stand by the post in terms of the view that sexual freedom may have consequences, and society largely has to bear the financial burden of those choices (re: abortion, disease, etc.). In fact, in most cases it is demanded.

Many from the left attempt to vilify any reference to this possibility and denounce it as bigotry of some kind.

I encourage debate and respectful criticism. I expect that some progressive bloggers, to whom I won't link, think that using personal insults is a very clever way of winning an argument.

There are others for whom I previously had some kind of respect, but now he seems to be following the path of insults too. Too bad. I expected more from him. (Warning - visit Red's site at your own risk).

If there's one thing I've learned from blogging, it's that when you stoop to the level of name-calling, you lose your credibility.

* * * *

Speaking of name-calling - CBS News Anchor Bryant Gumbel Says He Was Right to Call Pro-Family Advocate a F***ing Idiot. Of course, that article was from Lifesite, folks, so it is likely not true, right?

That reminds me of when Garth Turner called PMSH a "politicial whore". I asked him if he was planning to apologize. I recall him saying that he wouldn't, because it was true.

Some people go a bit further than name-calling though. (Another Lifesite article so don't bother reading it.) All in the name of tolerance.