Sunday, June 17, 2007


Taking a little break. Real life requires some attention.

Happy Fathers' Day to all the Dads. Good fathers should be cherished.

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Update: Sometime between the hours of 9 and 10 a.m. on Monday, June 18, this blog hit the 100,000 hit mark since I began keeping track with Sitemeter in April 2006.

Thanks to friends and foes alike for the memories!

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Tuesday Update: An encouraging story in this morning's Post explaining how an international kiddie porn ring was busted.

Also check out Lorne Gunter's "Greed knows no bounds in Atlantic Canada".

"If anything, Dalton McGuinty is being too polite." - Gunter.

Excellent post by Steve at Far and Wide - Who was that Guy? Well worth the read.

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Wednesday Items of Interest: Mark Peters - Who's irrational now?

Shane at The Politic - Personal Freedom Trumps Well-Being Now... Get Used to It. (with link to Lemon.)

Sun - Dalton's Spending Drive.

SDA - Dogbert the Green Consultant.

Post - Flying under Most People's Gaydar. "Sure, it's never been cooler to be gay than right now. Gay is the new straight!" - Trevor Boris.

Star - Weary Commons needs Injection of New Blood - Chantel H├ębert.

Star again - Much assumed in plan to close coal-fired plants. "Astonishing"

Quote of the Day - McGuinty says a car is a 'loaded gun'... So we will finally be calling for a ban on cars, right Dalton?


PGP said...

The Atlantic PM's Williams and MacDonald are like the stereotypical welfare cheat. They never want to see the dole money stop even if they do have their own money. The only difference is that the NS and NL resources aren't cash under the table but documented revenues. Or maybe they think of it as Lottery Money! How many welfare recipients would ever report their winnings to the dole office?

The attitude is that "You Owe Us" as in the ROC owes these perpetual panhandlers.
Well maybe as good and generous Canadians we have been forking over the money to the unfortunate underachievers! So what?
I see NO reason to continue the practice once they got their lottery money!

So I say tough titty to Williams and MacDonald! We are NOT the Welfare office and we don't owe you a damned thing! You've got your resource windfall so use to stand on your own two feet and quit your bitching!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Strong language, PGP, but I hear ya! ;)

Rodney MacDonald continues his whining here.

PGP said...

I am pleased to know a lot of upstanding Canadians who originate from the east coast/ Maritimes.

They all .... to a man and woman have contempt for the sense of entitlement that is all too commonly expressed by their downhome folks!

When the politicians come begging and demanding it's just too much!

Brian in Calgary said...

The only thing that can possibly excuse MacDonald is that he is leading a minority government.