Friday, June 15, 2007

Harsh Reality

Lorrie Goldstein treats us to a very politically incorrect POV today - "No worries - We're studying it".

Much of the violence involves black people killing each other -- which the left claims is racist to mention and the right claims nobody ever mentions ... every time they mention it.

(Well, somebody has to say it, Lorrie.)

And does anyone know why Ottawa brings so many people into Canada who can't speak English, provides almost no help to teach them, and then wonders why some turn to crime? Gee, hard to see that one coming, eh?

Finally, black men who father babies and abandon the mothers increase the chances their male sons will become gangsters, and black women who have these children, knowing the man won't be around, do themselves, their child and society no favours.

But according to our lib/left politicians (mayor, premier, etc.) we shouldn't discuss that.

Yep. Nobody wants to talk about that stuff.

On the plus side, in another editorial Lorrie points out that gang raids seem to work, but asks if the courts will do their part.

I'm not optimistic.

* * * *

Update: Wow. Jordan Manner's sister was one of the ones arrested. Via SDA.