Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Besmirch the Grits...

...anyone one else is fair game.

Today's National Post Editorial (Dear Stephane: Be a Man), highlights Stephane Dion's outraged hysteria over the Prime Minister daring to suggest that "the opposition seems to care more about the rights of Taliban detainees than the safety of our troops in Kandahar".

So Steffi then called Stephane Harper a 'bully'. The Post then goes on to outline other instances when the Liberals did their own 'bullying':

Since last fall, the Liberals have labelled Mr. Harper a Neanderthal over his government's cuts to the Status of Women Canada budget; implied he is racist for axing the $5-billion Kelowna agreement on native funding; claimed he is anti-democratic for "stacking" the committees that advise on judicial nominees; accused him of "undermining our Canadian values system" by eliminating funding to the left-leaning Court Challenges Program; and suggested he was homophobic for reviving the debate on same-sex marriage. They have called him a "control freak," "Bush-lite," "deceitful" and a practitioner of "Republican voodoo economics."

I might add to that that the Prime Minister of Canada has even been called a "Political Whore" by a sitting Liberal MP; albeit not in the House itself. I even asked Garth if he was planning to apologize. His response was:

Of course he (Harper) completely prostituted his Reform principles. That’s fact, not character assassination. He executed himself. — Garth
So, I suppose if the accuser believes the statement to be true, then no apology is required.

And yet, we now have Post columnist Jonathan Kay, the National Post itself, and others being served libel notices over Kay's piece about alleged Liberal backroom deals. Jonathan defended his position in the Post's Full Comment blog back on Feb. 28.

This morning I asked Mr. Kay if he was planning to comment about this latest development, but he replied that he has "been advised not to make any statement". However, he did thank me for my note.

The Big Red Liberal Machine is worried, folks. They are demoralized by their glaring mistake in electing a 'whimp' as a leader and by polls showing rising support for the CPC.

- And just like a cornered animal, the LPC is lashing out in anger and fear.

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The Stephen Taylor has a great post - The Code of the Centre Block Schoolyard.

And Jack has an awesome rant tonight! - "Wimpy Little Guy, isn't he?".


Color me laughing said...

Of course you know the desperate liberal "arse lickers"[patent pending] will be swarming your blog entry for you to apologize for promoting Dions weakness.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha! They'll have to go after the Post first.

'been around the block said...

Yeah, the LPC beast is mortally wounded, and the tail's thrashing furiously to see who they can take out before they crash to the ground.

PM Stephen Harper is holding his ground, knowing that the Libs' antics are a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing but their own inadequacies and sissy silliness.

It is so good to finally have grown ups at Canada's helm. If only they didn't have a bunch of bullying sissy-wimps in Opposition, the CPC could move Canada forward.

Sandy (Crux-of-the-Matter) said...

Good post today Joanne. I am having trouble identifying myself as a blogger again. So, will try again under my own name. Anyway, there is another story out there as well and that is the controversary over the offshore royalties. I put up a post on that topic today because things are getting very nasty. The Conservatives cannot win a majority with the incumbents in those provinces being re-elected. True, there is no comparison between how people view the CPC versus the LPC or Dion versus Harper. But, voters can protest an unwanted election as we found out in Ontario in 1990 -- David Peterson lost to Bob Rae and we know the rest of that story. But, that said, it is really tiring when all you hear on the MSM is how the poor Liberals were picked on and nothing about their antics and what the Liberals say. Have you heard about Garth Turner's comment anywhere? Can you imagine if that were in reverse?

Sandy (Crux-of-the-Matter) said...

Meant to say, WITHOUT the incumbents being re-elected.

Alberta Girl said...

"And just like a cornered animal, the LPC is lashing out in anger and fear"

Oh Joanne, truer words were never spoken. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Liberal commenters on various blogs are stooping to rude and disgusting name calling because they can't think of anything else to do.

It is actually quite funny to them react to the shoe being on the other foot. They are proving to be very immature.

Anonymous said...

"Liberal commenters on various blogs are stooping to rude and disgusting name calling because they can't think of anything else to do."

As far as I can remember, that's all they have ever done.

Mr Ed said...

Let the snake that is the Liberal Party of Canada eat it's own tail for a while. Election in the fall or next spring. At that point, if the CBC/CTV/Toronto Star/etc... MSM jumps in to level the field (as they normally do) the Canadian general public will finally see them as the Liberals footmen and both will be pulled down if we get reallly lucky.

East Coast Tory said...

Dion appears not to understand that, while Canadians would appreciate someone capable or willing to stand up to a bully, they will never support someone who actually concedes that he is being bullied and merely whines about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dion,

In kindergarten class, children learn that if they do something "nasty" to another child, that something "nasty" will be done to them. It's called developing social skills, learning how to take what you dish out (so that you might stop dishing it out eventually), and "growing up."

We are trying to treat you like an adult.

Please cooperate. :-)

You're embarrassing Canadians who go to work everyday (not in an ivory castle where you control your own little mental and physical world), and learn to take the lumps of life as they come. It's called being an adult.

Many of us read the children books that started with "Once upon a time" and ended with "and they lived happily ever after." I could be wrong (rarely am though :-)....that you thought those books were true. They're fairy tales. Please don't cry. I hate to see a "grown" man cry.

It would be a good idea for you to distance yourself from your enablers, namely (just a few, as they're too many to list) David Akin, James Travers, Janey Taber who continue to refer to Mr. Harper as a bully, and thus support you in your victim-hood (which is really very unattractive, and as an aside, you could do with trying to be more attractive). Perhaps it might be a good idea for you and your sidekick, Iggy, to partake in a few BBQ's in order to get some muscle on those skinny little bones who verify just how fragile you are, mentally and physically.This does not bode well for someone who wants to be a "leader" of a country. However, it's probably the most entertaining thing I've watched in a long time, so if you ever do grow up, I will sorely miss the daily laughs you've provided for me.

raz :-)

Candace said...

The Grits seem to be having a hard time realizing that (a) they are no longer in power (b) they are opening Pandora's box, like Holland did in the House and (c) the info will be all over the papers for a long time, not helping them a whole lot.

molarmauler said...

Raz :D
In kindergarten, Dion learned that if you hit someone and they hit you back, the teacher comes and talks to both, gives you a cookie and teaches you to get along.

Too bad he's grown up and there are no teachers anymore, no cookies and no one is interested in getting along so much as they are concerned about who is right.

Dion thinks he can run to the MSM because he probably views them as the teacher and the ultimate authority that he must please. You must please someone to get the cookie of approval don't you?

Well Harper is right and all Dion's cookies are belong to him.
Ignore the media elite. Choose what is correct and best.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think Candace has nailed it - They still haven't mastered the art of Opposition.

I think we should give 'em a few more years to get used to the role.

PGP said...

For decades the Libranos acted the part of the schoolyard bully and their victims were the Canadian taxpayer and anyone who believed in the values and strengths that actually built this country.

Now there's a new kid in the school and he's teaching the little cowards their long overdue lesson.

Like all true bullies they are weaklings to the bone and without a prop or a big stick to wave the only thing they can do is cry and call out names play the victim and look for the sympathy from some adult who may intervene on their behalf.
They are missing the lunch money they stole from the other kids for so long and hurting with the loss of status they basked in.

They are still too arrogant to see the error of their ways but I think that after a few more years of getting their faces rubbed in the dirt maybe a little humility will evolve.
Hubris always leads to downfall and the Libranos are hubris incarnate.
May they squirm and whine for many many years.

vicki said...

Re: MSM:
Did anyone catch the forlorn Lib cheerleaders on MDL last evening? Galloway, Ollie and the wideeyed Duffster cannot believe that ROC is not falling for the Lib baloney, and the promotions from them.
Galloway suggested that Dion has to get out front so Canadians can see that he REALLY is a leader. Funny I thought the LPC was trying to hide him lately.
Here's NEWS for the media...Canada has seen enough of him to know the media isn't telling the whole story.

Roy Eappen said...

The grits have been in power so long they have no idea how to be an effective opposition. The lawsuit is a very bad idea. The discovery will reaveal all kinds ofgrit secrets . It will be a Tory bonanza.
David Asper has become pretty Tory lately.

Roy Eappen said...

David Asper

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for that link, Dr. Roy. I missed it. So much to read in the Post!

If David Asper is onside, then the gloves have really come off. Finally a Conservative voice!

Anonymous said...

"For decades the Libranos acted the part of the schoolyard bully and their victims were the Canadian taxpayer and anyone who believed in the values and strengths that actually built this country."

...absolutely! The Libs know that they can count on the MSM to back them up, like a pack of bullies. If they didn't have the MSM onside, I doubt very much if they would or even could get the air-time for such silly 'offences.'

It seems to me that playing victim is their platform. Feel sorry for me, and vote for me out of sympathy. pfft...Why don't they focus on Dion's three-prong pitchfork...oops...I mean, platform?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

.Why don't they focus on Dion's three-prong pitchfork...oops...I mean, platform?

Raz, are you referring to the three strippers; um, I mean "pealers"?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Dr. Roy, that Asper piece was great except for this line:

So go ahead, Bill Graham. Bring down the government.


Soccermom said...

Joanne, that piece by David Asper was written in 2006.

BTW, your blog is really one of the best !

Mac said...

I still can't see what part of PM Harper's comments is so objectionable. Am I missing something? This strikes me as being yet another Liberal attempt at manufacturing a crisis and not a particularly subtle one.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joanne, that piece by David Asper was written in 2006.


BTW, your blog is really one of the best !

In spite of that obvious boo-boo? Thanks, Soccermom. Stuff like that keeps me going.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mac, I think this is another thinly-veiled attempt by the Liberals to divert attention away from their fundamental soft-on-crime and soft-on-terror POV.

In spite of their protestations to the contrary, Left-leaning Progressives will champion civil liberties over public safety if forced to make a choice.

So this is an exercise in smoke & mirrors to divert public attention away from the wimp, and onto the bully.

And with what's going on today in Iran and North Korea, I'll take the bully for the leader of my country rather than the wimp.

Neo Conservative said...

it's so apparent right now... the fiberals got nothin'

so sheila copps joins the puppy pile

Somehow, Harper has managed to confuse excessive testosterone with leadership. Of course, any person who aspires to the job of prime minister has to be prepared to fight.

Leading a party, or a country, is not for the faint of heart. But at the same time, when someone in a position of power goes out of his way to humiliate and denigrate others, he is the loser.

Brian in Calgary said...

To paraphrase the late US President Harry S Truman, "If the Liberals can't stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen."