Thursday, March 01, 2007

Changing the Channel

I have been negligent about environmental posting lately.

Lorrie Goldstein has been following this topic with a very balanced approach, and quite often with a great deal of humour.

Today's column, "Dion's Top Ten Kyoto Excuses", playfully suggests what might happen if Dion should become the next Prime Minister (gasp!), and have to follow Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez's private member's bill on fulfilling Kyoto obligations. Lorrie brilliantly explains how Dion would weasel out of the edit.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the Kyoto bill was probably one of Dion's dumber moves.

And he will regret his Pyrrhic victory sooner or later.

* * * *

Friday Update: Excellent column by Colby Cosh in the Post - Two Kinds of Revolutionaries.


chris from winnipeg said...

Just thinking of the possibility of those words, "Prime Minister Dion" gives me heart palipatations. (and a barely controled urge to vomit)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Enviornment Minister Belinda Stronach"? That's something no-one should ever even joke about.

Mac said...

I like his #10 excuse best... :lol:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, Lorrie is a master. He's done a pile of research on this topic, BTW.

He debates with Paul Berton of LFP here, and provides a great reading list at the end.

kelly said...

I loved the top 10! Brilliant!