Friday, March 30, 2007

Floor Crossing for Dummies

This is how to cross the floor and still retain your integrity - Follow the example of Ontario MPP Tim Peterson, on the advice of PC leader John Tory and sit as an Indie first.

From the Sun:

"John Tory convinced me that I should not work in the session against the party that helped me get elected and the party that the people of Mississauga South supported in the last election," he said.

I'm not naming names here, but there are floor-crossers on both sides in the federal political realm who could take lessons from this class act.

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Update: BC Tory exposes a not-so-classy act.


wayward son said...

I do give John Tory credit. Peterson should sit as an IND.

I don't give Peterson a lot of credit. He can yip about power plants all he wants, but I don't think many believe him. He won a traditional PC seat very narrowly. He felt from the start that he needed to be in Cabinet if he hoped to win re-election as a Liberal. A position didn't come so he started looking at his options. His chances of re-election are much, much better now. Power over principle.

But realistically Peterson is not the issue. If you don't live in the area who cares. The issue is John Tory who showed again that he is a very smart leader who is making the best of every opportunity he gets.

PGP said...

Wouldn't it be nice if there were some politicians who simple stood for something??

Hey it's Friday and time to crack a beer!


RepoCreepo said...

WOW...I wonder what former CPC now Liberal opportunistic floor crossers you are referring to?

Could it be the one whos now BEGGING for bucks on his blog?

Read it for yourself