Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tic Tag Toe

Yikes! I guess I've finally made it to the blogger big time, since I've been tagged in a Conservative blog on-line anagram game! Thanks Platty. As I said, way to wreck a great Sunday. I usually catch a few zzzz's around now, but how can I sleep with this on my mind?

Well, if you play around with "Joanne's Journey", you get some interesting combinations, like:

- Jay Joe's Neon Urn: A great way to store your ashes; especially if you're a Toronto ball player.

- An Enjoy Joe's Urn: O.K. Anne, get out of there! That's just sick!

- Jay Joe's Reno Nun: Mexican convent/diner.

- Jay Joe's Nero Nun: Same idea as above, but situated in Rome.

Oh, man this is WAY too fun!! O.K. If I have to pick one, I like "Joanne Jure Nosy", since I tend to get involved where I shouldn't. "Joanne June Rosy" is also cool, since it is an anniversary month here.

Now, how am I supposed to sleep??

So thanks, YakPlattt. And Molarmauler. And ChuckerCanuk. And countless unspecting others yet to be tagged!

Like, how about Prairie Voice for Childcare Choice! And maybe Riley's Political Rant? Lots to work with there.

O.K. Guys, you're IT!


Riley Hennessey said...

hey joanne,

so what do I do for this? I write my name like you did in this posting?

I'm not really a conservative blogger really and I wouldn't want to add myself to the blogging tories just cause I'm an angry member of the Liberal party hehe. Does this make a difference?

When I have some free time tomorrow I'll try and come up with some clever names though.

Thanks for tagging me! PS I always enjoy your blog and your comments.

Platty said...


Yea,I like "Joanne jure nosy" followed by "Hey, Ju got sum splainin' to do"

riley, the tag transcends political blogging lines....

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Platty, that's brilliant! LOL!!!

I was thinking "jure" as meaning "sure" but your translation is even better. Kind of a Spanish pronunciation - Translates to "you're".

Perfect, Yak Pllattt.

And as you said to Riley, "the tag transcends political blogging lines". If only members of Parliament could get along so well!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

BTW, Riley, thanks for the kind words. I just wish all Liberal bloggers were as thoughtful and articulate as you. The Liberal I have the most problem with is that "Anonymous" person. He has a nasty mouth. ;>}

Here's a link to the Anagram site, courtesy of Dave from Plattytalk:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

O.K. That last link didn't work. It highjacks you to Microsoft! I don't know how that happened.

Just copy & paste this:

*Sigh* So much to learn; so little time. Where is my tech support???