Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is Mexico Still in Your Travel Plans?

The controversy surrounding the recent murders of the Canadian couple in Mexico how seems to be centering on Quintana Roo Attorney General Rodriguez Carrillo, who has not exactly had a pristine background. Today's Toronto Star outlines a sordid past of questionable and 'improper' actions, including the hoarding of recovered looted items from Hurricane Wilma. Rodriguez had also headed up the murder investigation of the Spanish/Italian couple near the Mayan ruins at Tulum at the southern tip of the Yucatan. According to reports, that case too had strange anomalies. (Whew! I always have trouble saying that word. Typing is much easier).

Anyway, a Kitchener family was staying at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort during the time when the Woodridge couple was murdered there. Michael Milloy said they only found out about the murder by reading Canadian news reports on the Internet, according to this morning's Record. Contrary to the official line by Mexican authorities that everyone had been questioned and the resort sealed off, Milloy said nobody mentioned the horrible event to them. In fact, life went on as if nothing had happened. This observation has been confirmed by other tourists there at the time.

The Star website features an interesting link to comments by various Canadians regarding outrageous affair. Some people are adverse to ever travelling there again and others don't see it as a problem. One thing for sure - the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort will no doubt be offering bargain rates for months to come.

The question is, what is the 'tipping point' where the lure of a great vacation bargain can overcome your concern for personal safety? Comments are welcome.


kelly said...

There is defintely something fishy going on down there. I can't believe that these 2 canadian women that were featured on the front page of the Star the other day were cold blooded "Hit Women"! When I first heard about the style of killing, I did wonder if it was a kind of "mafia hit". I also find it hard to believe that someone who worked at the resort did this. There is something else going on here that we are not privy to. As far as the question, "would I alter my travel plans?" Probably not, but I wouldn't pick that resort either! No matter where you are, you have to be careful - just like living here. If I altered my plans to go only go places that were free of crime, I would have to stay home and lock my doors and never travel anywhere again. I don't believe there is a place on earth that hasn't had some kind of crime.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, you're right, Kelly. Crime is everywhere. You have to take whatever reasonable precautions you can, and then just carry on.

In the latest bizarre twist in this story, CTV now says:

"While Mexican authorities believe the blood has been spread by the suspects, a senior Canadian official close to the investigation has told CTV News the blood was not spread by the women, but by a hotel maid.

The source said the maid likely transferred blood on a cleaning rag from the hallway to Everall and Kim's recently vacated room, information that was bolstered by a Canadian tourist who just returned from the resort.

"They cleaned the room, then they re-rented the room. And then they decided to look at that room ... after they'd rented it, and moved the people from that room, like at midnight. They woke them up, got them out of bed, and decided to search the room then," Brady Scavarelli told CTV."

And yet the RCMP still has full confidence in the Mexican police and their handling of the investigation...