Saturday, March 04, 2006

Live and Let Die?

I used to be a Beatles fan. I have even spent copious amounts of money on Paul McCartney CD's, DVD's and two concerts. No more.

While watching Larry King last night where Sir Paul and his Lady bashed Canada's seal hunt with misinformation and archaic footage of clubbing methods from decades ago, I became enraged with their sanctimonious pontificating and how they constantly interrupted Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams. And by the way, folks, eye-rolling is very pre-teen. Danny Williams, by contrast, was extremely articulate and dignified while he patiently explained how the McCartneys were being used by various animal rights organizations, and how they were basically uninformed about Canada's side of the story.

And Larry, it is pronounced NEW-fund-land; not New-FIN-Land!!!! Get it right.

And Sir Paul, you were in a studio in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND; not Newfoundland, as Premier Williams pointed out. Learn your geography people, before you stick your noses in Canada's business!!

I think those baby seals are cute too, but so are baby humans and we have an open season on them in Canada right up until the moment of birth.

As I said in Friday's National Post, Sir Paul and his wife should be paying attention to that slaughter:

Ignoring abortion

National Post

Re: The Issue Harper Can't Ignore, Father Raymond de Souza, March 2.

Father de Souza's critique of Canada's "no restriction on taxpayer-funded abortion at any time during gestation" policy rightly points out that it is probably the most lenient in the world.

Placing some restrictions on access to abortion, or public funding of it, or both, would help stem our declining population in this country and shore up health care in other areas. But quite aside from that, the fact remains that many people see abortion as an unconscionable attack on human life. People like Sir Paul McCartney should at least be paying as much attention to this slaughter as he does to that of baby seals.

So, Sir Paul, unless you're prepared to take up a real cause, "Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged"!!!


Steph said...

I'm guessing that last line is a reference to a Beatles song? Must have been before me time.

You make an interesting contrast between the cause of protecting seals and protecting pre-born humans. I find it strange how it is more politically correct to have the former as one's cause of choice than it is the latter.

Gerry said...

You've drawn an excellent analogy Joanne.

Like many artists, and in particular Hollywood they all seem to be living in a surreal World that's not in touch with reality.
I'm very disappointed in McCartney, as I too have been a fan for many years. His last few albums have been a total bust so I guess he's taking his Peta cause a bit more seriously.

Whether it's Bono, McCartney, Madonna, etc..they all live a very distorted lifestyle, which affects their thinking to the point that they should never be taken seriously - the media unfortunately gives them a podium to speak from, but we don't need to listen.

I won't be watching the Academy Awards tonight either - Homer Simpson will closer to reality, and far more entertaining.

Kelly said...

Well said Joanne! I agree with you. I can not and WILL not become outraged over the slaughter of baby seals while the Canadian government allows the continuing slaughter of innocent pre-born children. Protect these children first and then we'll talk.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow, thanks for the feedback, guys!

Steph, yes that last line is a reference to the McCartney song, "Get Back". Kind of an inside joke among us Boomers..

As you say, isn't it interesting that animal rights are so "righteous" but pre-born human rights are considered extreme?

Gerry, I'm not really interested in watching how many awards 'Humpback Mountain' gets either.

Kelly, you are right on! Nobody in the government will touch abortion with a ten-foot seal club! Yes, let's start talking about abortion, and then maybe we can start feeling sorry for other baby mammals.

Joe said...

I'm totally with you on this one, Jo! I am repulsed by the sanctimonious posturing of the so-called animal "rights" activists. Personally, I love animals...I think they're delicious and they make lovely coats and shoes. It's a crying shame and a man with the wealth and influence of Paul McCartney would, in his golden years, consider seal-saving more important than people-saving.

Mary said...

Right on people! I agree with you all, put human babies ahead of seals!
I also think that that the "stars" who live above us all think that they have to do something to "give back" to us mere mortals so they won't feel as guilty for making all that money and becoming so wealthy, so they fix on a cause. This gives them a good feeling because they are doing something "good" and this gives them their "fix" and makes them feel good about themselves. The only problem is the good they choose to see is animal killing as worse than human slaughter. There are none so blind as those who choose not to see. Zero awards given! I choose not to view awards!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joe and Mary, thanks for your comments. Mary, I think you're on to something there. People as rich as Paul McCartney have so much money they obviously don't need to work, so they look around for a 'cause' to look important, and the animal rights activists are only too happy to oblige.

Joe, I love animals too! ;)
During the Larry King show, Paul kept saying that the majority of Canadians do not want to see baby seals killed. That may be true, but I'm betting that most Canadians would also like to see some kind of restrictions on abortion. In fact, I'll bet that there is a large percentage of Canadians who have no idea that an abortion can be legally performed in Canada right up until the moment of birth! I was having this discussion just the other day, and my friend was shocked by this information. She thought abortions were only allowed up til four months. Most people are very uncomfortable with the thought of a baby developed enough to live outside the womb still allowed to be killed. And yet this is a taboo subject. Stephen Harper won't deal with it. The only way to open the subject for debate is to mount public pressure. Women especially have to be vocal. If men say anything about it, the feminists will be screaming about their 'rights' to do with their bodies as they wish.

Anonymous said...
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