Saturday, March 11, 2006

Commercials You Love to Hate

In honour of the recent termination of the Canadian Tire Couple, I would like to ask what are everyone's most hated commercials?

Certainly that bearded guy was a bit much to take, but his know-it-all wife was way worse. Well, no more having to listen to those two tell us what to buy the whole year long.

Radio commercials seem to be particularly annoying. I guess it's because they have to rely on the audio factor alone, but will someone please explain to me how loud, screaming unintelligible noises are supposed to lure me into buying something when in actual fact, I race to the radio to turn the darn thing off? Somehow that seems counter-productive to what I assume they are trying to achieve.

My most hated T.V. commercial is the "Hands in your pocket" one. This thing is loathsome beyond belief. First of all, how can this guy keep up with all those people he's running after, and still keep his hand in their pockets? Secondly, why is he always putting his hand in guys' pockets only; never a woman's?

I think in the interest of equal rights we should have a woman running after other women putting her hand in their purses or whatever she can grab onto.

Let's throw a few transgendered and transsexuals in there too! We're a diverse community! Equality for all!

Excuse me while I change the channel.


Platty said...

You know which commercial really bugs me now? The Vonage phone service one. I saw it the other day with the sound off and it looked like a bunch of speed freaks with bladder control problems.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

*LOL* That's a new one on me, Platty! Maybe it's just out west. Sounds really annoying though. My sympathies!