Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous

Blogging is a curious addiction. You write because it's as much a part of your life as eating and sleeping. Blogging however, allows you to write and perhaps even have someone read your thoughts. If you're very lucky, they may even post a comment, and usually it is complimentary.

Once you start blogging, you begin to look at others' creations. It's kinda like an artist going to another painter's exhibition. But there are a lot of blogs out there! Almost too many.

However, I have stumbled across a few favourites, and here they are. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list over the next little while:

Riley's Political Rant is an excellent political site by Riley Hennessey, a Dalhousie Masters student. His thoughts are well-expressed and from a very objective and philosophical perspective. I look forward to reading more.

At Home In Hespeler is a cute site by a Dad who seems perplexed by his family's antics. Brian hails not far from my home town in Southern Ontario. He also waxed poetic on the art of blogging, and how gratifying it is to have an audience.

I love Plattytalk, although some of Dave's visitors are a bit, shall I say, animated? He should be posting a warning. PG13 at least. But I guess out there in Alberta, it's probably a bit more rough and tumble than here. I hear they have cowboys out there. Then again, that doesn't mean anything these days, does it? Dave's comments are great though. The thing I like the most is that if he gets angry, he does something about it! He writes letters to M.P.'s!! (I used to do that, but I think my M.P. has a filter to block out my name from incoming email.) Dave also did a great post called, "I Blog therefore.." He has come up with a mission statement that I think could be used by bloggers everywhere.

Well, those are three good ones. I need to find one in B.C., and one up in the Arctic somewhere. Then I'll have representation from sea to sea to melting glacier field.


Marc Charette said...

And to think how long it took for me to convince you to get a blog in the first place. Now I bet you can't imagine not having one! And where's the link to my blog :P

Gerry said...

Yeah, where's the link to Marc's blog...

Thanks for sharing Joanne...I've checked out each one and found more than I can digest...I'll stay close to yours for now and check the others out as I find time...


ps Don't forget about Marc's...

Riley Hennessey said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog!
I'll try to live up to the hype you've laid out!

Platty said...

Thanks Joanne,

I must say that I am flattered
to be on the list.
I guess if I stick to the mission statement the blog will continue to live up to your kind words of praise.8>)
I know if we continue to get your contributions in the comment section, it will make the task that much easier.

Best regards


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments! Platty and Riley, I have your blogs on my Favourites and will be pleased to continue to participate when I have something to contribute.

Gerry, yes, I goofed; but wait - I think I may have made it up to him in my next post!

Marc, I wouldn't be doing this without your encouragement. Thanks!

Brian said...

Thanks for including me in your favourites Joanne, I'm chuffed.

Hope you don't mind that I returned the favour.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow, you returned the favour in spades, Brian!!! Thanks. I'm actually writing this from my sister's place in Port Elgin. Glad I checked things out here.