Friday, March 17, 2006

A Parent's Right to Choose

Today I sat down at the computer, and checked out my usual fav sites to get plugged into the world via MSM and the blogosphere. Dave's Plattytalk alerted me to a special day of blog focus on Child Care at Sara's Choice for Childcare. BTW, Sara, I love the blog format you chose. ;)

This issue is near to my heart as well, because my husband and I had once made that difficult decision to only have one of us in the work force while the other stayed home. Together we raised two terrific children who grew up to be productive members of society and who now give generously of themselves. We made a lot of sacrifices to do this, but the rewards were awesome!

However, we could have used a little financial assistance and emotional support along the way. Sara is quite right that society tends to look down on women who make this choice to stay home. It is indeed discriminatory to be only helping certain types of mothers. Equal access means equality for all parents; whether out in the work force or at home.

We are all molding the next generation, and that is a daunting task. The aging Boomer generation is going to be relying on youth to bolster our country's economy with solid fiscal and social contributions. We also need to give those kids good values so they won't become trapped in lives of addiction to drugs, pornography or other forms of crime and self-gratification.

Nurturing good future citizens involves more than just parking them at a state-run propaganda-spewing institution. It's in all our best interests to support Stephen Harper in his $1200 a year Child Care strategy.


Nicole said...

Did you hear about the rallies that took place Nov 18-21st { 17 in total} to protest the Martin gov'ts childcare plan. We called them Fund the Child Rallies. Women from across Canada then met up on Parliament Hill Monday 21st and Stephen Harper met with several of them.

Platty said...

Great post Joanne,

The Conservative plan is the only one that truly takes all Canadian children into account. The Liberals are more worried about feeding the corporate side of childcare, where the Conservatives worry about feeding the growth of Canadian children and , as you say in your post, has the interest of all Canadians at heart.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Platty & Prairie Voice. I think the fundamental difference between the Liberal/NDP position vs. Conservative is self-serving vs. actually having the best interests of Canadian children at heart. What an innovative thought!

Prairie Voice, I think I missed that rally. I might have been out canvassing with my local candidate that day, but sounds like an awesome time!

Dave, you're right on about "feeding the corporate side of childcare". Who knew Liberals could be such Capitalists?

Sara said...

Liberals only fed themselves

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Right on, Sara! And it sure wasn't just beer & popcorn, judging from those expense accounts!!

Platty said...

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Platty said...

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