Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Liberal Ethics 101

Liberals have a very curious way of viewing the world - If it's good for the party, then it's good for Canada.

Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro is launching an investigation into the floor crossing of David Emerson. He never worried that Belinda Stronach did the same thing. But of course, Belinda is Liberal. Oh yeah, and Liberal Tony Valeri had some kind of questionable land-deal thing going on, but Mr. Shapiro said he couldn't touch that because it was between house sessions (never mind that the house isn't sitting right now either.)

Then there's Liberal M.P. Scott Brison, who not only is a floor-crosser, but also apparently sent a rather suspicious email to a friend at the C.I.B.C. just before the Goodale announcement on Income Trust.

According to the CBC, Mr. Brison said he wrote, "I think you will be happier very soon ... this week probably," after the bank employee complained to him about the state of the stock market. (Sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn't it?)

But Scott maintains he didn't actually know anything; it was just speculation. Of course, this is one of many such little incidents where Liberal insiders voiced 'pure conjecture' in a vocal manner to selected friends and colleagues, who coincidentally managed to reap huge profits when the Income Trust announcements were officially made public.

So Mr. Brison just felt that he should now do the honourable and transparent thing by publicly airing this tidbit. Never mind that he originally made various denials.

Yes, Mr. Brison says he wants all this out in the open because of course he is considering running for the Liberal leadership, and obviously integrity and honesty is paramount in a leader who could one day become Prime Minister.

Why isn't Mr. Shapiro investigating Scott Brison? Oh, yeah, because Scott is a Liberal. Another reason may be that Bernard Shapiro is simply incompetent.

And just like David Dingwall, if we want to get rid of Shapiro we have to fire him and pay a huge severance penalty. And so even with a new government, the old trappings still hang on.

Update: According to CTV, Bernard Shapiro is hanging on for all he's worth (which could be a lot by the time he's done this stint).

You know, come to think of it, maybe we should give Bernie some credit. After all, if he gets fired, he gets a huge severance, and the government looks bad for trying to pre-empt an investigation. He's got nothing to lose by being as obnoxious and annoying as possible. Gotta give the guy credit. He's no dummy after all. Not very ethical, but smart.


Platty said...

After all of the positioning and coniving that Brison has done to attain that which he cherishes most, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, to have it all brought down like a house of cards by an ill advised e-mail? Excuse me while I pee myself laughing.

Incredible how this party can sustain a train wreck for such a long period of time. What is most amazing about all of this is that the Conservatives have not even started trotting out the real dollars the previous government flushed away into the Liberal sewer.

And Shapiro, well let's just say he is messing with the wrong man in PM Stephen Harper, don't let the door hit ya on the way out Bernie.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for dropping by, Platty! And thanks for saying what I was thinking while I tried to say it in a politically correct way. ;)

Yes, I'm sure Cool Hand Steve will get the better of Shapiro in the final showdown.