Friday, September 01, 2006

My Beef is "Where's the Chicken?" (With update)

I was originally just going to reference this column by the Sun's Christina Blizzard (Caledonia Mess Goes On) as an update to a previous post, but it deserves the limelight.

Among the noteworthy comments, she makes this point:

A recent Court of Appeal ruling acknowledged that they were in contempt of an earlier ruling telling them to leave the property, but cautioned that public safety would be threatened if the order was enforced. "The unchallenged evidence before us is that a court order that makes the current limited occupation of Douglas Creek Estates a contempt of court will only escalate tensions in the community, put public safety at increased risk and adversely affect the land-claim negotiations," the ruling said.

Oh, good. Now we have the courts sanctioning the takeover because we're too chicken to enforce the law. Apparently, if you cover your face with a bandanna and generally act menacing, you can get anything you want in this province.

I might add that there is somewhat of a safety risk involved when you have children going to a school where the adjacent property is off-limits to police and fire officials.

Many of the protesters I have spoken to do not recognize the authority of the laws, bylaws and regulations of this country. So will these homes meet the standards other developers must meet? Not likely. All it will take is for someone to build a fire for warmth, it'll get out of hand -- and you'll have a tragedy. Mark my words.

Almost prophetic considering the recent events!

But this is the best part. (Stop reading right here and go directly to the column, if you don't want to spoil the punch line):

Look, no one wants any violence. But McGuinty's handlers are trying to paint him as "Mr. Ontario" and "Mr. Personality." Sometimes, though, the way you judge a person's character is by how they stand up to bullies. On Caledonia, we're talking McChicken.

As a follow-up, a reader sent in a letter asking McChicken the following question ("No Leadership in Caledonia"):

What will you do now that the natives plan on staying on this government owned land? Oh, I know! Sit on your butt some more. Justice Marshall was right all along. His advice was to remove the natives first, then negotiate. Do you see the difference here? Right now, the natives tell you to jump, and you ask "how high?"

Answer: With any luck, right out of the ballpark.

UPDATE: Some Caledonia residents want McChicken to buy them out too! (With figures about the chicken feed he's already tossed around).

And from Wake-Up Call: Gwen Boniface - Ontario's Newest Millionaire.

"...Gwen reduced this force to a bunch of tree hugging, baby kissing, politically correct cowards that have absolutely no backing of our employer or the gov't..."

To catch what's going on in local radio, check out Jeff Allen's rant (August 31st).

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TrustOnlyMulder said...

Violence pays....what a great lesson to teach our kids.

I am simply disgusted at the way this whole situation has been handled.

Let the houses rot away...let the squatters freeze themselves back to the warm hole they crawled from last march.

Just put the pot sniffing dogs nearby when they go to leave with their duffel bags. Harvest is coming.

Red Tory said...

Poor woman... Having to go through life with the surname "Blizzard"... Are the kids referred to as the "little Blizzards"?

PGP said...

You know ...this ongoing fiasco is not going to get any better with age.
It is a festering, corpulant sack of crap that will get larger and stink more every day!

Lets see what transpires over the weekend! I'm betting the thugs will set some new lows and the OPPs will still be as useless as kleenex in the rain.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

and the OPPs will still be as useless as kleenex in the rain.

Oh, don't worry. If any non-natives get out of hand, they'll be arrested.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP, you got a response from an earlier comment in my post "Happy Six Month Anniversary Caledonia".

Not sure if you care to respond or not.