Friday, September 08, 2006

CCP may be Challenged

The Court Challenges Program is under the microscope.

Canada.Com says, "The program has been the target of harsh criticism from social conservatives and critics of so-called judicial activism, who assert the initiative is a slush-fund for left-leaning groups to circumvent the will of elected legislators by challenging them in court."

The Trudeau-era program, was once axed by Mulroney but revived by the Liberals in 1993.
Today it is only under review; not actually on the chopping block.

Lifesite also has some background.

Lorne Gunter has a terrific editorial in today's National Post (Kill the Court Challenges Program); but again only available to subscribers. (Really, you need to buy the Post!).

"...Most Canadians have probably never heard of the CCP. And it's budget is only a little under $3-million a year. Yet no other federal program or law has done more damage to Canadian democracy. No other has so fundamentally altered Canadian society without recourse to Parliament..."

"...After 1993, when the Liberals returned to power, special interests were put in charge, and their funding decisions made secret.

Not only did left-leaning interest groups want to keep CCP cash flowing into their legal departments, they understood that if they controlled the CCP granting process, they could keep groups opposed to their viewpoints from receiving equal funding, thereby giving their own causes an unfair advantage in court..."

"...Over time, the CCP and its fundees have become a very cozy, close-knit little clan. The program almost never funds cases brought by individuals, only those supported by powerful rights-seeking lobbies, and almost always the same dozen or so lobbies...."

"...The CCP was even the principal funder in 1992's Schacter case, in which CCP-paid intervenors convinced Supreme Court judges to grant themselves "reading in" powers to create new rights in Canadian law where none were approved by Parliament or the legislatures..."

Needless to say, Mr. Gunter thinks it's time to bid the old CCP adieu.

Me too.

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Update: H/T to Jeff at Where'd that bug go? for providing more info from Real Women. Of course, Jeff has a slightly different take on the situation.


Danté said...
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Danté said...

Hopefully it will be axed. This is actually something that Rescuing Canada's Right by Daifallah and Kheiriddin, touches on. Although I'm a fan of John Crosbie, he bears an enormous resposibility for setting up this program.

SUZANNE said...

It's being examined. Nothing to get excited about.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Dante, I must read that book. It's on my to-do list.

PGP said...

Well Jo .......... you certainly are getting adept at the bringing out the "Hot Button" topics!

Who, I wonder are these dozen or so "rights seeking lobbies" that are mentioned?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

. you certainly are getting adept at the bringing out the "Hot Button" topics!

I can't help myself!

jeff davidson said...

i sincerely hope that the social conservatives keep exposing themselves like this. with conservative support tanking in quebec and quickly slipping in ontario, these kind of mean-spirited attacks on canadian institutions just help progressive causes. keep those nasty gums flapping neo-cons!
where'd that bug go?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

these kind of mean-spirited attacks on canadian institutions

Could you elaborate on that please, Jeff?

Or is it that the very act of questioning something is verboten in moonbat land?

SUZANNE said...

Yeah, Canadians are so socialist they voted in Stephen Harper.