Sunday, July 29, 2007

Of cookies and cricket

Angelo Persichilli appears to be trying to defend his friend, master Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella in today's op-ed - "Kinsella scandal covers up real issue".

So does Sheila Copps - "One quirky comment could prove costly".

Why would they try to "help" their friend by bringing up this story again today? If it's a non-issue, as they seem to be suggesting, why not let it die?

Unless, as a reader of Adam Daifallah's blog pointed out:

It is strange timing for Mr. Kinsella's little blunder. Just as the excrement is hitting the Liberal fan over the "slush fund", Dalton's chief spinmeister is taking a lot of heat over an unfortunate cartoon caption. Could it be Warren taking one for the team?
It has given him a chance to post lots of nice emails about himself on his blog along with diverting attention just before the report came out.
muttsrus | 07.27.07 - 7:50 am

H/T to Vicki for bringing this to my attention.

Let's not take the focus off Cricketgate. We at least owe that much to ourselves - the taxpayers of Ontario.

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Update: Wow! I was surprised to see this one at a link off Liblogs!! McGuinty's in trouble if he's alienating his own base.


Anonymous said...

What it amounts to is that the conservatives kicked ass in Ontario politics. As mentioned in a few articles Kinsella would have jumped all over something like this given the opportunity. That's what he does best.

Now if we really wanted to get up his nose, we'd do like the ladies on Choice for Childcare and print funny photos of Warren and in the spirit of Rick Mercer and the old Barney prop. moment of Kinsella's(remember that one folks?) we'd run a contest for the best photoshopped offering illustrating Kinsella's faux-pas.

Next time Warren thinks about adding a comic-strip balloon to a female looking rather bored with things perhaps he should suggest that she'd rather be growing a beer gut, performing brain surgery being prime minister? Hello Martha Hall Finlay?

Good thing Kinsella's wife wears the pants in THAT family. Perhaps the Tory's should sign her up?

Anonymous said...

Tango juliette sez:

Oh yeah! Don't we all know it?! All those folks on the left side of the law-breaking spectrum are all NICE guys. All the time. Decent. Always aligned with all the correct and proper causes to add to their CV's.

Sometimes, just like with Vitter in the US, their true natures pop up and cause a bit of kerfuffle.

The lib crooks in London are nice and decent folks. Just a mistake.

The nice kid, writer of the "ghetto guy " memo, thanks to liberal education priciples, probably didn't have an extensive enough vocabulary to be truly viciously offensive. Just a mistake.

Hell -- Some of history's most foul individuals were often known to have been nice guys. even Stalin was known as Good Old Uncle Joe to then Liberal PM King. His flaws, if any? Just a few mistakes.

Colle was/is a nice guy. Just a few mistakes.

McGuinty is a nice guy, just has a habit of telling lies and breaking promises. Just a few mistakes, really.

Day wears a wet suit, get a river-flow direction wrong, and he's attacked like he'd been exposed as the ringleader of some viciously nefarious plot against all that is right and good on the earth.

Day, devout Christian, is soundly and publicly insulted by Kinsella, over what is apparently Day's belief in Creationism.

Oddly, this belief is not strictly confined to Bible believers like Day, and members of his slice of the Christian spectrum.

These same sacred writings, are Day's basis for his convictions, but not just Day alone. Thes Holy Books also happen to be the same Scriptures which are the foundational conerstones for Judaism,Islam, and most of western Christianity, as well.

Yet, MSM spun that specific insult to suit their purposes. The mockery was of Day, and Day alone. All others, with similar interpretations of scripture, were somehow not to be considered to be under attack by this sectarian drive-by smear job. Nice piece of work, if you [with the help of your cronies in the media cartel] can manage to manipulate it to make it come that way.

Kinsella was always "on the side of the the angels, and the poor and downtrodden."
Just like his boss, Chretien.
That homeless guy Chretien strangled on a bridge in the dead of winter? Chretien was just a nice guy, with a penchant for pepper, and pepper jokes. And wasn't Chretien at the wheel of the getaway car when adscam was in full bloom?

The Liberal friendly pundits are just scattering aluminum decoy particles. Get enough of that stuff in the air, and most ordinary radar will lose sight of the true targets.

In fact, most conservative supporters will probably start thinking that, liberal decoy techniques notwithstanding, we probably are just being way too vicious to even be trying to work with "radar" in preparation for the two election battles ahead.

I mean, after all, these Liberals, are really, all, very nice people.

Their grossest of offensive and intolerant mistakes prove to be tolerable, even acceptable.

A Conservative's simplest miscue and mistake - fatal for the Conservative cause, for it's just the exact opening the Liberals keep looking and hoping for, for their political benfit.

And their victory starts, when something like this earns the Liberals kudos, support and kind words, from the Conservative ranks.

So Kinsella, urged on by his wise wife, the spirit of his mother, the ghosts of the mothers of all great and grand Liberal Wazirs and past prime ministers, apologized.

Puching below the belt, is still a foul. The apology does nothing for the "punchee." The damage has been done. The "puncher" and his crowd still come out way ahead. Moreso when our side praises them.

I'm still trying to find the book called "The Marquis of Queensbury Rules and Regulations for Polite Political Pugilistic Poundings In Canadain Politics, Both federally and Provincially." I understand that it's published by The Little Red Brick Grit-House Publishing Corporation and The Very, Very Sticky Fingered and Extremely Liberal Book-Binding and Self-Renumerating Society.

My dear Ontario and Canadian Conservatives. Please. Wake up. Smell the coffe, folks.

And please take serious note. That side-order with your coffee? That's your ass on the plate, which Kinsella just handed you.

Copps usually, and Persichilli this time around: smoke screeners, apologists and deflectors for the good old LPC.

tick-tick-tockery, please watch out for the deadly mockery.


Moebius said...

Despite being mostly agnostic, leaning towards atheist, I was disgusted by WK's treatment of Stock Day's religious beliefs.

Would he have done it to a Muslim?

We all know the answer to that.

JC & PM, both nominally Catholics, would surely have signed off on those types of attack politics.

Anonymous said...

tj sez:

Moebius: rip 'em both a strip. You got their act nailed. I think that they're both pretty unaware of their own doctrines - or have them all safely compartementalized - or are vicious sectarian codswollpers who posed as Liberal leaders.

Do I have an "amen!" on the far side of the room...?

tick - amen - tock


PGP said...

Why would they bring up the "Non Issue" ?

because they are both unable to come up with anything of value to offer on REAL issues!