Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kinsella's Mea Culpa

Warren Kinsella eats humble pie in his July 24th entry. For those who didn't quite catch his sexist thought bubble, you can read all about it here and here and here.

Personally, I enjoy Warren's columns in the National Post, and most of his blog entries. However, this little vendetta against Hillier is becoming somewhat tiresome.

I was very disappointed by the 'cookies' reference. He can do better. Anyway, I admire his taking the high road, although he still managed to get a few parting digs in.

John Wayne said "Never apologize and never explain - It's a sign of weakness". (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon).

I strongly disagree. It takes tremendous courage and humility to make a genuine apology and learn from your mistakes.

And we all make mistakes.

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Adam apparently isn't buying it - Bad week for Team McGuinty.

Nor is this Blogging Tory - W Kinsella: Having Cookie Problems.

Beating on a dead horse - Christian Conservative.


Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Is this the same punk-rock lawyer, lib-shill who threatens to sue bloggers over content on their site?

Can we soon expect to see all those femmes who sprang so vocally to defend the honour of Belinda and the honour of the past leader [female] of the NDP, to do something similar in this instance?

How long before each of the citizens slandered in Kinsella's photoshopped photo-op level legal charges against the two-faced poster of the preposterous? That includes the folks slandered in word, as well as image.

Liaberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. If this get buried with in one news-cycle, the MSM's cupalbility is equally obvious.

And what about the buried story of Labrador Liaberal fiscal intrasigence implied on a CTV NewsNet "crawl," which lasted through about five cycles before disappearing?


Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

I can see clearly now why the Lib women are departing in droves, both federally and provincially.

Any harsh word yet from Belinda? McDonough? Minna? Hall-Findlay?Brison? Dryden? Dion? Jack!? The "Burning Cross Lying" female MD from BC? Any powerful "sisters-in-politics" bonding declamations emanating from the left, anywhere from the left?

Where's the outrage?

Stock Day got a river flowing the wrong way and the media knives were out, on, and in him, for well over two weeks?

Paul Martin confused Norway for Normandy. No Media sweat.

Bill Graham didn't know Vimy from Vichy. Absolute Media Silence.

McGuinty's and Chretien's liberal-evil-empire-dark-ops boy-soldier/cum lawyer/punk group member gets a Media pass as well, I'll wager.

Cockroaches don't do well in daylight, hence the MSM will not be spotlighting any of this mysogynistic Kinsella crud.

tick-tock, Warren turns back the clock!

Watta yutz!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Tango, I hear your outrage, but I don't relish a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Sorry to monopolize here.

Forgot to mention: Check Warren's "bloodlines" and "bona fides."

This wee imbroglio IS (WAS)NOT A MISTAKE.

Charitably, it might be classified as an extremely STUPID mistake, perhaps.

One can easily tell that he was very busy, full of that Liberal sense of entitlement to power, authority and all the perks that go with all that,cleverly trying to include as many nasty shots, at as many people as possible, that he lost sight of the fact tha he was actually going public with his "genius" wit, and not writing on the toilet walls in some all-white, all-male, all-liberal little power-brokers-boys club.


Still, I think this following
bears reiteration, yet again:

The only good liberal is an arrested, charged, convicted and incercerated liberal.

PGP said...

I guess this is what you could call a bit of Irony!!

I'm sure that there are at least a few people who will do a little happy dance and a lot that will simply relish a little public come-upance (?) for Warren.
Him getting knocked off his (home made) pedestal for a bit is not a bad thing IMO. Never did think that he was all that smart anyway.
Ever read his book?

Still ..... I don't think that what he wrote was anything more or less than a sarcastic barb.

Big deal!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The only good liberal is an arrested, charged, convicted and incercerated liberal.

Just to be clear, I don't agree with that statement. The comment will be deleted if anyone is offended.

Anonymous said...

How the Liberal Prince of Darkness apologizes:

Claim the "high road" by vowing not to change the topic by first slagging numerous others, then do exactly that.

Next play the martyr by prophesying overly harsh punishment from his readers ("if you are in the mood to club me, my email is") -

Oh, poor persecuted me!

Why, it's enough to want to make you cry for the sorry sod!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, for sure Randy Hillier is smiling today. It will be hard for Warren to make any more remarks about 'bigotry'.

SouthernOntarioan said...

Just a thought on Dalton McGuinty vs John Tory...

Are either really a good option? I mean, I've been following the campaign (such as it is) and I seriously dislike both Tory and McGuinty.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

S.O. - I'm less than enthusiastic about them as well. My vote will likely be more of a vote 'against' than one 'for' any party.

Anonymous said...

It will be hard for Warren to make any more remarks about 'bigotry'

Its still very easy when you have you have a candidate who has stated he hates homosexuals and everyone from southern Ontario, advocating the seperation of rural Ontario and forming a new country.

The guys a nut...but so in Kinsella, so it all evens out I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The only good liberal is an arrested, charged, convicted and incercerated liberal.

Wow. Back on the med's big fella.

liberal supporter said...

TJ 10:50 - 1, 4
TJ 11:40 - 1, 7
TJ 11:57 - none, 5

The first number is the first paragraph in which "lib" is used as a pejorative. The second number is the first paragraph in which "Liberal" is used as a pejorative.

But I'm glad the "code of conduct" theme did last an entire day.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Kinsella who condemns Canidian Cynic on his site...

He's pretty much a dinosaur of a bygone era...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

He's pretty much a dinosaur of a bygone era...

I disagree. I think he is an excellent writer who has been corrupted by the slime of politics.

It affects the brain, turning everyone into "them" against "us".

Anonymous said...

Warren Kinsella would not be able to survive in this blogging forum.
He'd have to defend his ideas instead of pontificating from his perch...
He literally seems to be living in the past and reliving a bygone era of when he was in a punk band.

When we talk about "code of conduct", remember he's the one that brought out a Barney dinosaur to mock Stockwell Day on his belief that the earth is 6000 years old...

Anonymous said...

Maybe she did want to stay home and bake cookies...maybe some of the male politicians wanted to stay home and bake cookies too.
Not defending Kinsella at all...just re-iterating that he said it to condemn, as if baking cookies was just too menial.
Maybe if she wanted to be in a rock band he would think that was cool...or maybe she is too is he...never mind.
Cookie Baker.
Oh and LS...the LIBERALS get a free ride from the media, no matter how one spells the name of the party.

Moebius said...

WK has a decent writing style, but his politics are only a matter of who is paying him at the moment. He fires broadside insults at: 1) anyone who thinks Chretien stunk as PM, 2) anyone running against his current paymaster, D. McG.

I once enjoyed reading his blog, but the partisanship got on my nerves big-time.

Kind of like JC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liberal Supporter: Ref. your response cited below. I'd like to work in reverse order in addressing your issues.

"At Wed Jul 25, 01:18:00 PM EDT, liberal supporter said…

TJ 10:50 - 1, 4
TJ 11:40 - 1, 7
TJ 11:57 - none, 5

The first number is the first paragraph in which "lib" is used as a pejorative. The second number is the first paragraph in which "Liberal" is used as a pejorative.

But I'm glad the "code of conduct" theme did last an entire day."

1.) I've been away from Joanne's Journey for awhile. Wasn't aware of changes in standards. If, in the opinion of the Blog Site Operator, I have transgressed on the 'code of conduct' matter, as you seem to think I have, I freely apologize.

2.) As to the issue of pejoration, let's take it point by point as you have posted.

(a.) "lib-shill." Lib - short for Liberal. "shill," similar to "spinmaster/spinmeister" and/or "spin-doctor."

(b.) "Liaberal." times two. Typos. Nothing more. Were it my intent to slam anyone, anything or anygroup, at this juncture the more commonly accepted form that most certainly would have been used would more than likely have been: "Lie-berals," "Liarbranos" or "Libranos."

- i.) In the instances which you've cited, all you got were two, identical, typographical errors. Sorry to disappoint. As for the add-on to "Liaberal," in the first instance, where the words immediately following "Liaberal" were "hypocrisy knows no bounds," this was pretty much a re-stating of public record and conventional wisdom.

- ii.) In the second instance you've cited, "Liaberal" is still a typo [ see 2.) ( b.) above.], the phrase "Labrador Liberal fiscal intransigence" was a short-worded querie about a news item briefly included in the "bottom of the screen crawl" seen on NewsNet or NewsWorld. For a very short period. With no detailed report forthcoming, anywhere.

3.) "Lib women."? Hunh? Shorthand, laddie, shorthand. Is "Lib" now a pejorative word? Or is your problem with the word "women"?

It is a well known and equally well documented fact of today's reality: Lib(eral) women, both federally and provincially, ARE announcing that they are INDEED stepping down from their elected posts, deicding not to run in the next election. Or am I missing something in that alternate universe you think you might want to be inhabiting?

4.) "Dalton's and Chretien's liberal-evil-empire-dark-ops-boysoldier/cum lawyer/punk...." are all bits of the various parts of the cache projected onto our hero, by his supporters, fans, detractors and our MSM, alike. This is the man with the purple dinosaur mocking a Christian Politician's apparent belief in "creationism" and a "6000 year old earth." Happens to be similar to beliefs held by Jews and Muslims, but that was all cool, wasn't it?

5.) "Liberal sense of entitlement."? If you don't like this, by all means, don't practice this. So too, with the phrase which included the line "all-Liberal."

As I wrote to someone yesterday: I believe that ". . . free speech does have a cost attached to it. something along the lines of Free to be Responsible. Kinsella is not just an ordinary citizen blogger. He's a Lawyer and part of two very large and powerful political machines. His standards should be higher, and Canada's expectations of him should be, as well.

Kinsella looked like he knew what he was putting on the page. Hiller[?] may be presented [factually or fictionally] as being a reprehensible neanderthal. Kinsella clearly wanted to make sure that the public got the impression that anyone on the stage with him, through tactics of "guilt by association," as well as those not present [Myron Thompson], through "guilt by implication" by the author, were the same sorts of unsavouray individuals. In light of some of Mr. Kinsella's recent legal tactics, perhaps the cowboy boot ought to be on the other foot, this morning. Myron Thompson ( now a public citizen, I think, since having resigned his Alberta seat) et al, should consider unleashing their dogs of law on brother Warren. "

ADDENDUM: And how about that late-breaking story about the "arresting London Liberals.?" Could this be a simple case of Libereal malfeasance, mistaken identity, Liberal "OOPS"-manship, or is it "mere pejoration" by some irate taxpayer, name of tj?

Liberal Supporter: I rest my case. Now, how can you go on, continuing to defend the indefensible?

My name is Terry, I live in Ontario. Should you feel the need to further "seek satisfaction," please have your Seconds contact my Seconds. We could do a dual of lunch-- at four paces.


Anonymous said...

We could do a dual of lunch-- at four paces.


This guy is too much. Keep at it there buddy!

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Dang! And I was all set for a lunch duo duel with Minister Colle. I was going to try to hit him up for a $20,000 grant for us left-handed, left- voting veterans who wear argylle socks on alternate Wednesdays and who care vehemently about the plight of the diminishment and pejoration of the monodotal tomatoe.