Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Absolutely disgusting

Ontario obviously has some serious justice issues. Imagine how the police who were involved in the Project Kryptic raids must feel to see these guys out on bail because of an incompetent system.

On top of that, we the taxpayers have been ordered "to pay each $2,000 toward their legal costs because their constitutional rights were violated." Talk about adding insult to injury!

CTV reports:

Members of Ontario's opposition parties were outraged by Tuesday's developments, saying taxpayers dollars are being wasted by the government's "disorganized justice."

"We're now at risk of having charges dropped and mark my words, this failure on the part of the attorney general to properly manage this process is going to result in plea bargains, reduced charges and charges being dropped and criminals being let out onto the street," said New Democrat justice critic Peter Kormos.

Progressive Conservative justice critic Christine Elliott said the ruling is a "real embarrassment" for the province.

"I would say it's totally inept from beginning to end in terms of the attorney general's handling of this. I mean this is something that had gone on for 11 months," she said.
"(Attorney General Michael Bryant) was confident that there would be enough court resources on-hand to handle it and everything fell apart at the last minute."

Not only must the police be frustrated, but I imagine there are a few folks in the Jane-Finch area who are very concerned that perhaps it wasn't the wisest thing in the world to be forthcoming with information during the investigation.

And they wonder why there is a code of silence...

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And by the way, what is the point of even stricter handgun laws and tougher sentences if the court system can't handle the offenders???


Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that with all the stories of incompetence in all departments at both the Federal and Provincial levels that people still seem to have a great degree of confidence in the Government to fix the problems. Wake up people. They are the problem. They could be cut in half and no one would notice. They would still be incompetent but they would cost less.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

They are the problem.

Oh, boy. You've got that right. The Public Service Unions would not agree with you though.

PGP said...

What's wrong?

The liberals and their agencies made an appearance of actually doing something and the sheeple are satisfied! Everyone gets to go home and the taxpayer will foot the bill.
The denizens of the GTA can go back to feeling smug and morally superior.

Now go back to your beer and popcorn and quit expecting so much...

Brian in Calgary said...

The liberals and their agencies made an appearance of actually doing something and the sheeple are satisfied! Everyone gets to go home and the taxpayer will foot the bill.

Kind of like with the federal long-gun registry?

Anonymous said...

This is beyond words...I haven't touched a Trawnna paper lately...are they 'covering', hiding it at the back, or like me are they at a loss for words?How do you try to explain's too bizarre!

liberal supporter said...

So why was there such a fuss over the Anti Terrorism Act extension? Looks to me like you can already jail someone for two weeks without a hearing.

Was the ATA extension just to save the $2000 when you have to let someone go after holding them two weeks without a hearing?

When they do a raid, they cast a wide net, to be more certain of getting all the bad guys. I would think they concentrated on the main suspects and the minor ones who would likely get bail are less of a concern.

Still, the government has to do better.