Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Good', 'nice' people involved in alleged Liberal theft and coverup

"David Pretlove, the interim financial director of the Liberal Party of Canada's Ontario wing, offered to reimburse the Elgin-Middlesex-London Riding Association [EMLFLA ] with party funds if it took no further action against the alleged fraudster, Suzan Pawlak." - National Post.

Mike Crawley, president of the LPC (Ontario), has this to say about Mr. Pretlove, who allegedly acted without party approval:

"He is an individual of very sound judgment and is a nice person, and unfortunately, the latter characteristic took hold."

Yes, indeed. Too bad Mr. Pretlove is so nice. That would explain it.

Then we have Ms. Pawlak's former boss, Gar Knutson, painting a picture of Ms. Pawlak as "a single mother of modest means", and that:

"It's out of character, but sometimes good people make bad decisions."

Oh, please. A single mom who 'made a bad decision' has now been arrested for allegedly stealing more than $13,000.

Gee, I mean, it wasn't her fault right? Weren't all the cards stacked against her? How did she have a chance? We should have provided a basketball court. We are to blame, not her.

In La-la Liberal land, only guns are bad. People are nice and good.

Obviously, they haven't learned a thing.

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Update: Steve Janke - 'David Pretlove was going to use Liberal Party funds to cover up a criminal act'. Where is the outrage?

Steve is all over this one.


The Seer said...

In La-La-Libral Land, guns are occasions of sin, and thus to be avoided. And if some sinners don't have the sense to avoid them, then in La-La-Libral Land, the Government intervenes with its own sense.

Anonymous said...

'A single mother of modest means"

I guess they just couldn't afford to give her a raise.....

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I guess they just couldn't afford to give her a raise.....

That's right. So she was entitled to steal the money.

Steve Janke said...

It gets more interesting when you see the details of the offer by Pretlove.

PGP said...

Thieves! In the Liberal Party??

How could that be?