Sunday, July 15, 2007

CTV Interview goes horribly wrong

Robert Fife tried his best to play up the corruption side of the Afghanistan debate, but Mirwais Nahzat, a spokesperson for Afghanistan Peace Ambassadors, just wouldn't play the game (H/T to Joel).

He kept dropping the ball, by suggesting that perhaps the media was painting too much of a one-sided picture, and that Canada was actually doing good things in Afghanistan, and that we should be patient and keep the faith.

Someone clearly messed up at CTV.


Anonymous said...

Joanne - Perhaps CTV simply got a side that they don't normally expose its viewers to?....the truth.

Roy Eappen said...

The bias of the MSM is truly overwhelming. That's why the jihadis don't need a Tokyo Rose, we have our own MSM to do that.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, when an Afghanistan Peace Ambassador has to point this all out, that's quite sad.

Which one's the democracy again?

Gary said...

Perhaps it is time to consider the appropriate response to those who offer moral support and assistance to the enemy in time of war. Is there not a name for that - "quisling" "traitor" "vichy" - Layton snd those of that ilk disgust, offend and incense me. The encourage the killing of our soldier while speaking hypocracy out of the other side of their mouth. In times of war civil liberties are curtailed to avoid that very problem I believe the time is now in that area.

PGP said...

Yep Robert Fife proudly wears his asshat!

'been around the block said...

Gary, you're right. People who aid and abet our enemies in a time of war, by lies from their loose lips, are called quislings and traitors. And what they're guilty of is treason.

It's time for Layton snd those of his ilk to be called on their treasonous, unpatriotic, and dangerous behaviour. They're doing huge damage to Canada's war effort, not to mention the morale of our troops.

The irony is, that without our troops fighting OVER THERE, no doubt we'd be experiencing the war OVER HERE, and Layton/Chow and company would be some of the first casualties, given that the radical Islamists loathe everything they stand for: feminism, gay rights, "equality."

It seems that Taliban Jack is just too stupid to recognize this. But his stupidity shouldn't be a deterrent to others' calling him on his atrocious and arrogant stance on the WOT. If this were WWII, he'd proabably be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton knows what to say to the Taliban and al Qaida in order to get them to stop killing people - but he refuses to go there and say it!

He is a truly nasty SOB.

Jack Layton has never lifted a finger to help another human being - and it doesn't look like he's about to start.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think Layton is after the Quebec vote, big-time.

KEvron said...
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