Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vision - Incompetent or racist? Update - Topic change

In today's Post - Vision TV once again the focus of controversy.

Gail Thomson, VisionTV's director of marketing and communication, said the channel screened Mr. Oktar's documentary prior to it being aired and found nothing offensive in its content.

A memo prepared by the individual who viewed the film describes it as a "Koranic interpretation of creation."

Ms. Thomson said the channel also did some research into Mr. Oktar's background, but that investigation did not uncover his views on the Holocaust.

"Had we known about his views, there would have been a different situation and a different decision made," Ms. Thomson said.

Better get moving on setting up that task force, guys.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please, PLEASE Joanne, do your bit, as Jason Cherniak has done and encourage your support base NOT to fall for the latest McGuinty stunt and vote for the Mixed Member Proportional System in the next provincial election.

It's a pathetic system and unless the Conservatives, NDP and other Lieberals like Cherniak tell voters to vote against the election reform, the voice of Ontario voters will die.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Anon. I'm leaning in that direction. It will definitely be a lively discussion topic in the coming months.

liberal supporter said...

Maybe anon can enlighten us as to why we should vote against this. I'm not going to vote for or against anything based on anon's say so, and I am sure anyone who visits here is not gullible enough either.

Explain your position. I have read very little about it as yet.

Anonymous said...

hey Liberal supporter.

It's your very own Jason Cherniak who's leading the way buddy.

Check it out for yourelf.

Anons. right - this is bad for grassroot Ontarian voices.

Anonymous said...

Check also Angry in the Great White North.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, this is certainly a topic that will bring together bloggers from various parties.

Jason's post is here.

Also here is the No MMP link.

liberal supporter said...

It's your very own Jason Cherniak who's leading the way buddy.
I am "liberal supporter" because I vote for the Liberals (most of the time). Others may vote for the Liberals for their own reasons, but they do not concern me, and other people should not be considered "my very own". You should not assume the kind of rigid conformity and lock step cheerleading you might see in other parties.

Beside being "pathetic", what is the problem? Why is it "bad for grassroot Ontarian voices" if it gives Greens an MP with only 10% of the vote?

I am not arguing for or against this, I am simply arguing for a more coherent understanding than being told it is "pathetic".

Duane said...

Its a good thing nobody Watches Vision!