Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not really back but...

This caught my eye as I perused the local rag after a long time away:

Fretwell, who signs a new lease with the city next month, said she's already opened up the chapel to same-sex couples. But she will not perform the services.


In Cambridge, the weddings are always scheduled for Fridays in the council chambers. The individual who performs ceremonies there does not want to preside over same-sex unions, so gay and lesbian couples can bring in their own official for the ceremony.

Now how is this possible? I can't help thinking about Kevin Kisilowsky.

What's the difference?

A province?

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Wednesday Letters to the editor:

I commend Scott Piatkowski for his work to have gay and lesbian weddings performed at Kitchener city hall. (Gay Unions Made Possible At City Chapel -- Aug. 24).

It's kind of ironic that an unelected person would be the one to finally begin to bring the folks at city hall out of the dark ages.

Much more needs to be done. It's not enough that gay and lesbian weddings be permitted at the city hall chapel. The operator of the chapel should be compelled to supply this service and perform these weddings regardless of their personal beliefs.

No person in Canada should be given a licence to perform weddings unless they agree to treat everyone equally, regardless of their sexual orientation. This includes clergy or anyone else. Hiding under the cloak of religious freedom should not be acceptable in an enlightened society.

Bobby Schroeder


Regarding the Aug. 24 article, Gay Unions Made Possible At City Chapel, I find it appalling that a chapel within the city hall would offer a contract renewal to a company which discriminates against a portion of society.

If a private company is going to have a government contract to offer services it should be mandatory that those services are offered equally to all. This chapel is in a government building our taxes helped build. No one stopped to ask if I was gay before taking my tax dollar.

"Allowing" gay couples to bring in their own officiate to conduct services implies we don't deserve the same services as everyone else, that we are different and are somehow not entitled to equal treatment.

Kathleen Reed



valiantmauz said...

Read the article more carefully. The operator of the Chapel is referred to repeatedly as "the Rev. Pat Fretwell".

Presumably, she is a member of a recognized clergy, and thus is exempt from having to perform marriages for same-sex couples.

The chapel she leases and operates, however, is owned by the city and the city has a legal obligation to offer civil marriage equally. They are therefore offering the premises and referrals to willing officiants.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Rev. Pat Fretwell. Right. That would explain it. Thanks, Valiantmauz.

Pissedoff said...

In the meantime we have this from 580 CFRA web

Councillor Questions Troop Decals on Police Cruisers
Josh Pringle
Monday, August 27, 2007

Councillor Alex Cullen is questioning Police Chief Vernon White's decision to place "Support Our Troops" decals on marked Ottawa Police cruisers.

Cullen says he doesn't think it's appropriate for White to place the yellow stickers on "public property" without the approval of the Ottawa Police Services Board.

The Bay Ward Councillor says we all support our troops, but he claims White has made it clear the decals are also to support Canada's military mission in Afghanistan.

That, he says, is improper when polls show Canadians evenly divided on the issue.

So I ask why was` it on last nights CTV news I saw an Ottawa police cruiser with a multi colored piece of crap on its hood and othe decals from the queer community all over it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Maybe it was a gay cop?

Pissedoff said...

Then Cullen should have his a**e

Anonymous said...

Queer Community?

At least get the anti-gay slurs right, bigot!

Pissedoff said...
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Pissedoff said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

P.O.'d - Perhaps you could rephrase your comments please? Any slurs against any group will be deleted.