Thursday, August 02, 2007

Global warming is to blame for everything

Now I've seen it all.

I used to laugh at people who point to climate change as the cause for any weather event at all. However, now it seems that global warming is also responsible for excess copulation among some animals; especially felines.

According to the National Post, cats like it hot:

"Cats are now copulating in February, which is supposed to be a really cold month," Mr. Oliver said.

"But animals are getting out because it's relatively warm. Their internal signals seem to be telling them that it is time to mate because the warm weather's coming, and so we're seeing an earlier litter."

Apparently this is now causing an explosion in the cat population.

I have to ask a couple of questions here - Just how are those cats "getting out"? Do they open the door and sneak out when Master is having a snooze?

And why haven't the owners thought of 'fixing' the problem in a permanent fashion.

The article then goes on to cite other issues such as an increase in seal population due to the heat forcing female seals to search further afield for water, and straight into temptation.

But I thought seals were endangered? Didn't Paul McCartney and his ex try to tell us that? And what's wrong with more seals anyway?

Finally, we are told that there is a dearth of good quality prostitutes in Bulgaria because all the 'elite' ones have fled to the ski hills to help relieve the frustration of skiers who can't find any snow - all due to global warming.

You see what's happening here? We can now abdicate any responsibility for our actions and instead blame it on climate change.

This gun, officer? Well global warming is making me crazy, and I needed it to be able to get that Slushie. I couldn't work because of the heat. So I have no money, but it's not my fault... I can't sleep at night because of the heat. And they should have put some swimming pools in my neighbourhood anyway. I am a Global Warming victim!

This is your permanent "Get out of jail free" card.

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Friday Update: Neo - Break out the Tinfoil Hats.

Heat wave not global warming (H/T Bourque) Deniers!!!


Jeff Davidson said...

you're perfectly correct, cat owners should fix their pets.

however, i think the point of the cat bit was to indicate that warmer winters are impacting us in ways we still haven't thought of.

the seal hunt is protested by those who feel the practice is inhumane, the clubbing of the baby seals in particular. the seal population has been flourishing for awhile.

again, the point is the behaviour. climate change is impacting the planet's eco-systems in ways we're still learning about.

the story on the hookers was a nice touch but rather self-serving?

we may grow tired of hearing about the obvious and not so obvious effects of climate change but many many people are committed to making the message reach the ears of those most reluctant to hear it.

ps. hot enough for you?

it's just weather right? right.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jeff, if any of my arguments don't make sense, blame it on the heat.

Anonymous said...

JJ, How long will it be before they blame that bridge collapse in Minneapolis on MMGW? Bore and Suzuki are writing their Environmental Scholastic Award acceptence speaches right now.


nemississs said...

Hey come on people, at least in Ontario its no longer Mike Harris who is to blame for everything wrong in the world, and no one blamed Steven Harper either. All is not lost, the left wingnuts of the world will always need someone/something to blame for their own stupidity.

cherenkov said...

You're creating an issue where there is none. So cats are mating earlier ... so seals and hookers are traveling farther ... so what? These are simply reports of things that are happening, not excuses to act irresponsibly. I don't see a devious left wing agenda in those reports.

As for the seals ... I don't think that McCartney claimed that they were endangered. It's just inhumane. Didn't you know that killing cute animals is inhumane, while killing ugly animals is perfectly fine?

Anonymous said...

Well you've convinced me that temperatures don't affect mating cycles or animal behaviour.

Wait a minute, they do. Which means that you must be full of partisan, ignorant crap. Yep, you are.

Before you complain about politicizing scientific questions, how about posting a paper you recently published. Until then, your opinion is worthless.

Rob R said...


You're obviously a victim of your own leftist stupidity. I know all you moonbats are "logically challenged" but by your own reasoning, anyone who hasn't published a scientific paper is a partisan ignoramus whose opinion is irrelevant?

You should stick with the rabble crowd where your logic will be applauded, I'm sure.

btw, If I was going to post such inane stupidity, I'd sign in as "anonymous, as well.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, all I can say is, hallelujah, brother! I am saved. I am now a Global Warming believer. Everything is caused by climate change, and I don't have to worry about it, because all I have to do is purchase carbon credits for my redemption.

Everything is everyone else's fault. In fact, I subscribe to the whole left-wing philosophy.

I am not accountable for anything. I can write whatever I want in my blog and it doesn't it's not my fault.

The heat fried my brains.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

J, How long will it be before they blame that bridge collapse in Minneapolis on MMGW?

Absolutely. It's all the fault of the Deniers.

Swift said...

I see nobody remembewrs what the weather was really like last Febuary. A little investigation at the Environment Canada website woukd have refreshed your memories. Average temperatures for Pearson Airport in Febuary is -5.4. The average temp for Feb '07 was -8.4. My math teachers insisted that this meant that last Febuary was colder than normal. But then that was before the left put the new math curriculum in. Now I know why they wanted the new math.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, please don't confuse us believers with facts.

Anonymous said...

The THS is a crazy institution run by a very (clinically) crazy man. Seriously. I worked there for 5 years, I should know. There has always been a cat crisis at THS in July and Aug... yes, each and every year for the last 20 or so. It's because people let their cats outside to roam because the weather is nicer. The years I worked at THS, FREE cat adoptions would happen every weekend through August.

Ignore them, they are all nuts. dont' believe me? ask any current or past employee of THS and they will tell you.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, thanks for the inside litter scoop here.

Swift said...

Joanne, if the facts confuse you, you aren't a true believer. There is nothing greater than the ability of a true believer to ignore incovenient facts.

SouthernOntarioan said...

To those who don't think this story is silly, think about it this way...

Essentially everything is being blamed on global warming. Seal population distributions, cat populations, number of hurricanes, etc..

Its all a propaganda effort to scare people. The number of hurricanes has varied up and down recently, some years with record highs, some record lows. But when a record high is recorded, the all-powerful 'global warming' is blamed. When it is at record lows, no one says anything. When temperatures in one area of the world are unseasonably cold, 'global warming' is blamed. When temperatures are normal, no one says anything. When cats, devoid of natural predators, begin a population explosion, 'global warming' is blamed. When cat populations return (as they will) to normal levels, no one will say anything.

To many, this is simply getting ridiculous. Blaming global warming for everything is just silly and unscientific.

Speaking of scientific, the article is not a scientific paper that is peer-reviewed. Its just some people giving their opinions. (with the exception of maybe the study done.. but I didn't see if it was published and the article doesn't say)

Oh and Jeff D, where I live last winter we experienced unseasonably cold weather, so much so that long-time residents were remarking how such weather hasn't been seen for 15 years.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joanne, if the facts confuse you, you aren't a true believer.

Mmm... Good point, Swift. I hope they don't find out. It's so much easier being on this side of the divide.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

S.O. - You Denier, you! Can't you see that the environmental apocalypse is imminent? Can't you see all the signs? The feline race will take over the earth

Gabby in QC said...

From The National Post article:
"... The Toronto Humane Society recently announced its shelter is filled to capacity and cited global warming as a possible cause of the overcrowding...."

Well, here in Quebec that is attributed to the fact that so many people who move in June/July abandon their pets. :-(

On an even stranger note, did anyone else hear Charles Adler's interview with the British vegan who would/will not bed meat eaters?
It's getting curioser and curioser ...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

n an even stranger note, did anyone else hear Charles Adler's interview with the British vegan who would/will not bed meat eaters?

I missed that one Gabby. Sounds intriguing.

Brian in Calgary said...

From "The Devil made me do it" to "Global Warming made me do it." Hmmm. Sounds like there's some good material there for one of Jay Leno's monologues.

Kingston said...

Actually is a little pee'd about the global warming, these warming winters are effecting my life in the old bedroom too, when it was colder ,we cuddle more. LMAO.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Kingston, lol! Get A/C!

Moebius said...

I tried to train my cat to get me a beer, when I was outside BBQ'ing.

The lack of opposable thumbs is apparently a huge obstacle.

Anonymous said...

Let's take it one step further...blame the farmers for the GW...that would be AGW..or MMGW assuming most farmer's are men:
One of the weather 'experts' on CBC(radio) was explaining the heat wave out west. It seems to be caused by the ripening of the grain in those fields, and the moisture from the evaporation is contributing to the high humidity...oh my!...darn farmers,eh?Let's get them to stop working so hard and go on welfare.

I occasionally turn the radio in the car to CBC. Keeps me well informed on moonbattery.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It seems to be caused by the ripening of the grain in those fields, and the moisture from the evaporation is contributing to the high humidity.

Yeah, like that never happened before...

O.k. then. We progressives will have to ban bread.

Anonymous said...

Right,j...and the lakes and rivers haven't contributed evaporation all these years?