Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dion - "I am a trustworthy person"

Lily-white Stephane Dion, the model of self-professed integrity, reiterates his plan to vote against the Throne Speech if a new session of Parliament is started in the fall (Election is possible, Dion warns).

This of course could force an election if the other two parties join him. If strict adherence to Kyoto becomes the pivotal issue, then I don't see how the NDP or Bloc could avoid this action and still maintain their own credibility.

Kaptain Kyoto assures us that we can trust him:

"I never broke my word in 11 years in politics," Mr. Dion said. "I am a trustworthy person ... I want to destroy the sense of cynicism that no politician will stick to his or her word. I always did it. I don't over-commit and when I'm committing, I will deliver. It's the message this whole caucus will carry."

Never mind that the previous (Liberal) government's record on greenhouse gas emissions under the stewardship of then Environment Minister Stephane Dion was abysmal.

As Dion continues his 'Yeah-but-you can-trust-me-now' tour, he assures Nova Scotia and Newfoundland that "he would respect offshore revenue deals with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland even though, as the New Democrats pointed out, he strongly opposed such agreements when he was a cabinet minister."

CNEWS reports that Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald is prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt (Dion forced to defend previous opposition to offshore deals for N.L. and N.S.) - H/T CBL.

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams of course welcomes him with open arms since 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'; whatever he may have said or done in the past.

Of course, Stephane Dion is not the only politician who said one thing in the past and then appeared to change course when it was deemed politically expedient.

Stephen Harper himself once called Kyoto a 'socialist scheme' before having his apparent climate change conversion (although the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive concepts).

But Stephane Dion is trying to paint himself as some kind of guileless pillar of integrity; a politician who would never break his word.

That is an oxymoron in politics, and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

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Related: Actually, Dion should get with the program. There could be a backlash developing, which is causing current thinking to be a bit more flexible with Kyoto targets and objectives. Check out Terence Corcoran's Cool Summits.

Could Stephen Harper have been right all along?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dion does not know what he speaks about!!

This is unfair!!


Anonymous said...

Of course Harper was right all along.

I say if Dion wants to fight an election based on his record of inaction on the environment and Kyoto....BRING IT ON!! I'm sure most folks have had about as much as they can stand of having the green agenda and the money that's being tossed at it shoved down their throats.

It's one thing to be an individual doing what one can to contribute to local environments but the all things green mantra has got to stop.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm sure most folks have had about as much as they can stand of having the green agenda and the money that's being tossed at it shoved down their throats.

Exactly!! I am sick to death of it all. I used to be a fervent recycler because I felt it was the right thing to do. Now I'm feeling angry and resentful of the whole green movement and becoming a lot more complacent.

Anonymous said...

If Citoyen Dion "never broke (his) word in 11 years in politics," perhaps it's because he never had the guts to make a commitment to follow through with his former government's policies, such as Khretien's Kyoto Kaper.

Now, he's proud of his lack of action and leadership?

Doug said...

Khretien's Kyoto Kaper.

Wow...a KKK reference. Mature.

Kingston said...

Joanne, For posting this line "Could Stephen Harper have been right all along"? You will go immediately and wash your mouth out with soap, you will write lines for three hours non stop, and no I do not care if your fingers cramp, saying, Mr.Dion is a Kyoto god and his dog Kyoto is pretty cool too. You will then drive directly to the nearest Passport office and turn in your passport and renounce your citizenship due to your saying those things that clearly do not reflect your acceptances of Liberal, darn I mean Canadian values, LMAO

Kingston said...

This is still my fav quote concerning Mr.Dion and Kyoto by Ms Stewart

She notes St├ęphane Dion was the federal/provincial minister at the time and he was against Kyoto. "When the prime minister only gets crap from everybody, why is he going to be supportive?" asks Stewart. Today, she sighs, Europe is "way ahead of us. Way ahead." - Northumberland Today

Kingston said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

You will go immediately and wash your mouth out with soap,

Would that be biodegradable soap?

LMAO too. ;)

Kingston said...

A course Joanna, Welcome Back

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Kingston. I'm not 100% back yet. I'm not angry enough.

Kingston said...

Want to talk to my better half , she is married to me, she should be able to get you angry. LMAO

liberal supporter said...

Looks like you got back just in time, Joanne.

Finally, Mr. Dion has arrived. The Wikipedia page about him is now locked from editing by unregistered and new users! Unlike Harper's page, that nobody could be bothered attacking, Dion's is now a vandalism target.

Anonymous said...

Dion was only environment minister for 18 months - a long shot from 13 years. You need a calculator.

Harper's people have been cleaning up Wiki - I read some very negative stuff about John Baird last year - and holy, moly, they've disappeared. Same with some other Cons MP's.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Dion was only environment minister for 18 months - a long shot from 13 years.

18 months eh? Just about the same amount of time that the current government has been in power.