Friday, August 03, 2007

Anyone heard from Michael Bryant lately?

19-year-old Nadeem Jiwa has been arrested and charged with manslaughter in the death of Constable Rob Plunkett.

If the weapon had been a gun instead of a car, you can be sure that Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant would have been very vocal in calling for a complete gun ban once again.

"No gun, no funeral" is his new favourite slogan.

Where are you, Michael Bryant? Why so quiet?

Does this not fit in with your political agenda?

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Related: Neo's found a couple of good links here. The Post has this bit of insight:

The white Honda Civic driven by one of the suspects is registered to Vishal Bilimora, of Ajax, Ont., who runs an auto body shop there. When contacted yesterday by the National Post, Mr. Bilimoria said Mr. Jiwa would occasionally borrow his car and that he had been in possession of it for the past week.

“He is a friend of mine and he wanted to borrow the car to go out one night and I told him ‘Go ahead.’ He would borrow the car from time to time. I had no idea what he was doing.”

Mr. Bilimoria said Mr. Jiwa had just finished high school. “From what I know of him, he’s a really nice guy, a jolly guy ... I was shocked to hear about all of this.

I don’t even know why anybody would take air bags. They’re not that
expensive to come across.

Indeed. Only about $1500 to $2000 if they are sold as 'new'.

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Saturday Update: I missed this great column by Michael Coren - End the Blather. Straight talk that Michael Bryant would not like.

Post - Charges could be upgraded.


Torian said...

did you catch the part that says that the accused were out on bail for previous charges?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Torian, good point. Officer Plunkett's fellow officers must be outraged.

Anonymous said...

You guys are to petty. Shame on you.

Joanne (True Blue) said...


Surecure said...

Petty is another term for, "How dare you point out the hypocrisy."

And BTW anonymous... the word is "too" not "to". Or am I being TOO petty?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And BTW anonymous... the word is "too" not "to".

Or perhaps Anon was trying to say 'pretty'? ;)

Anonymous said...

too petty??

Please tell that to Plunkett's widow and 3 children.

I don't care if the accused are white, black, brown or polka dot. If you have previous criminal offenses, you should be punished and not sent out for house arrest.

Can you tell how effective that is?

Anonymous said...

Petty - not waiting for a couple of days to rant. The man just died for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

oh please.

if this was a shooting in Malvern or Jane-finch and an innocent victim was killed, everyone would be up in arms about a handgun ban. Immediately. And it would be welcomed and encouraged.

But because in this instance the cop was by all accounts an upstanding citizen and the accused are recent immigrants/minorities, we should just let this go, not rant, forget about it.

Am I the only one who sees the hypocracy in this?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Petty - not waiting for a couple of days to rant. The man just died for heavens sake.

This, my friend, is me holding back. This is not a rant.

My rants are truly frightening.

Rob R said...

If I steal airbags, the question would obviously be what to do with them once they are in my posession. I rather doubt that my local pawn broker would be very interested in a bunch of automotive airbags; nor would the local jewel fence.

Who could use these airbags???

Perhaps if I knew someone that did automotive repairs and had to replace airbags, they could use the ones I steal and charge their customers for new, thereby making handsome profits..... Now if I just had a car to get me around town so I could find airbags to steal....

Surecure said...

Wait for a couple of days? Neither Michael Bryant nor Toronto Mayor David Miller waited for a couple of days to ask for a handgun ban. He made that announcement the next day.

Jack Layton never waits after soldiers die to go before the cameras and ask for a withdrawal from Afghanistan. He does it within the next 2 hours.

You were talking about petty?

Torian said...


excellent point! it is speculation, but you would think that the auto-repair shop guy would know that the 19 year old (the one he speaks of so highly) was out on bail for previous charges (not sure what)

PGP said...

Wasn't Bryant out to Confiscate cars that are modified for "street racing"?

Guns ... Cars .... what's the difference?
Bryant has it covered!

Rob R said...

As well as needing a place to unload airbags, someone would have had to have shown these idiots how to remove the airbags quickly without damaging them.

My guess is that a full investigation of the body shop will find some interesting things.

Hypothetical situation here: Body shop owner has to replace airbags on a regular basis and wishes he could find a cheaper supply so as to maximize his profits. He has some hoodlum friends so he makes a proposal; I'll show you guys how to remove airbags from cars. When I need an airbag, I'll let you know what type and I'll lend you a car to scout the city. You bring me the airbag I need and I'll give you $200. Then I can charge the customer's insurance company $2000 and everyone is happy!

As I say, it's just hypothetical. I'm sure it's never really happened.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Rob, yes. We must be sure to use the word "alleged" and "possible" here. Nobody is accusing anyone of anything.

Even if the dots look mighty easy to connect...

Anonymous said...

You're ALL wrong this officers death can be blamed on:

a) Mike Harris
b) Climate Change

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Now that is petty.

Or at least really bad taste.

Brian in Calgary said...

Thanks for the update, Joanne. The charges against the driver should be upgraded from manslaughter to murder. In fact, I find it hard to understand why he was not charged with murder right from the start.