Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good Read for your lazy Sunday

The Toronto Sun is packed with juicy tidbits today.

First of all we have an awesome editorial "Coal Fired Plants are Back - again". Read how Dalton McGuilty has actually re-broken a promise! This is a feat that not very many politicians have accomplished. It will surely go down in history as one of his greater coups.

In other words, McGuinty has now RE-broken (yes, you read that right) his 2003 election promise to close all of the province's coal-fired plants -- which supply about 20% of Ontario's energy needs -- first by 2007 and then by 2009.

In actual fact the decision to re-open the Lambton coal-fired plant was a no-brainer, but how much are you willing to listen to this guy in the next election? When he makes a promise, will you believe him?

I can only think of one election promise that he kept - the smoking ban. I was at a wedding last night, and the master of ceremonies reminded smokers that by law they had to smoke outdoors, but they had to keep their drinks inside. Works for me, because I hate cigarette smoke, but some of the smokers were a bit perturbed.

I would love to hear from anyone who can think of more than the smoking ban as a promise kept.

* * * *

An update to the Caledonia situation also in the Sun:

The seven face a battery of serious charges, including attempted murder, assault and forcible confinement, after angry protesters surrounded a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle on Friday and dragged out its three occupants.

"They were forcibly removed after they were swarmed," said provincial police Const. Doug Graham.

Then the stolen vehicle was deliberately sped toward a provincial police officer, who was injured as he was pulled out of its path, said Graham

Graham said the officer was treated and released. The stolen vehicle was recovered but no arrests were made.

Reaction from Premier McSquishy:

Premier Dalton McGuinty said Friday he's angry about the way some people at the blockade are behaving, and said he hopes they don't destroy efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

Wow! Dem's fightin' words, Dalton!! I bet that has them shaking in their boots. An example of leadership at its finest.

* * * *

Finally, Lorrie Goldstein, the man that Sara and I love to fight over, has an absolutely hilarious column today! "Terror at the CBC" is his brilliant take on what would happen if the politically-correct CBC actually were ever to be taken over by terrorists.

I don't know how he does it, but Lorrie continually outperforms his own incredibly high standards of satire and imagination. How can you not love this guy?

Enjoy your Sunday.

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My apologies that the original post contained so many spelling errors, and got through to the Blogging Tories aggregator that way. Shows what happens when I don't take the time to run the whole thing through a spell-check. I take personal pride in spelling properly, so this is a lesson for me.

Maybe I took that "lazy Sunday" suggestion a bit too far.


Anonymous said...

I was wonder how they were going to try and weasle out of their stupid promise to close the coal plants and it came this week. It was faulty estimates by the power companies as to how much power we need. Ya right. Everybody told them right from the start that it was impossible to close those plants. Just thought of a new name for McGinty, little Dithers or Mr. Dithers Jr.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

LOL! How about Mini-Martin?

Tom said...

I actually don't want to beat McGuinty up over the coal plant decision...I was afraid they'd plunge us into a perpetual twilight just to keep that promise...glad he rethought that one a bit. I hate the Libs and want them gone, but I like the pit bull ban and the smoking ban.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"...but I like the pit bull ban and the smoking ban."

Tom, that's true. Now if he could just follow that up with a Wimpy Politician ban, I'd be happy.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tom but it's the fact that liberals can never just admit they made a mistake. They always try to find an excuse and blame it on somebody else. If they could just admit that they were trying to do the right thing for the environment but it is obvious that it isn't going to work at this time and we need to think of something different, they would then have more credebility.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the hydro companies underestimating the power demand is an absolute lie and everybody knows it. The hydro generators know exactly the demand at ALL times. Their generation has to be exactly matched to the demand in real time or the whole grid shuts down. Does McGinty think were stupid? If you shut down half of all the power that's being generated in a system that's already running at full capacity, you aren't going to have enough anymore. If the estimated numbers came back showing that we are going to be using half the power we were last year, you would thing they would have noticed that mistake before now.

Mac said...

I know this is kinda off topic but...

Instead of banning pitbulls, how about banning idiots from owning pitbulls? Instead of licencing dogs, let's licence the owners!!

Before pitbulls became the "problem dog du jour" it was rottweilers and before that, doberman pinschers.

The real problem is idiot owners who lack the skills and/or motivation to properly train their dogs but want a weapon at the end of their leash to intimidate others.

We have a Siberian Husky and people often remark on how lovely, well behaved and friendly she is... and wouldn't they love to have a Siberian as a pet... so I tell them about how many hours of training it took to make her that way and the ongoing training to keep her that way. Most folks are shocked because they see dog training as a means to an end rather than an enjoyable pass time.

The pitbull ban is like any form of prohibition. The government can't force people to act responsibly so they try to take away those things which cause problems. Problem is... human nature being what it is, these prohibitions always backfire.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That wasn't off-topic at all, Mac (IMO).

Yes, that is a great idea about licensing the owners. I understand though, that pitbulls can react unpredictably, but I'm not a dog owner.

Should we ban everything that is dangerous? If so, why are cigarettes still being sold? Why are pesticides still being sold? etc.

Alcohol kills too. Should that be banned?

Gabby in QC said...

Joanne TB said:
"Alcohol kills too. Should that be banned?"

Hey!!! Let's not get carried away here. Wine and spirits have been proven to be good for one's health, but like everything elese, in moderation.

I'm with Mac on this - it's people's, how shall I put it, STUPIDITY. And one cannot legislate reasonable behaviour

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gabby, don't worry. I've been known to enjoy the odd glass of a fine merlot.

Moderation. Exactly. Even drinking too much water can kill you.

Gabby in QC said...

Joanne TB said: "Even drinking too much water can kill you."

My father, who used to love a glass+ of wine with his meals, often refused water because he claimed it would rust his insides.

Enjoy your merlot in good health.

syncrodox said...

Too funny Joanne. Goldstien is right on and Mc Squishy is ...well...squishy!


Sara said...

all right thats is Jojo,,, you and me one on one over who gets Lorrie,, oh yah live debat on bloggers on who can win hehe,, not till I get back from TO though, oh boy this'll be fun. I'm scared Jo,, no not of you but of speaking in publice me sooo scared... :(

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh, Sara. You can do it. And if you need some strength, just look into yourself; find the power; imagine you and me duking it out over Lorrie; then harness that RAGE and PASSION!!

You go Girl!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hey Syncrodux! Sorry about the girl-talk there.

Yes, this was one of Lorrie's finer moments...

Like a good Merlot, he just improves with age. D'accord, Gabby?

Gabby in QC said...

Absolument, Joanne TB!

Those of you who are S. Harper fans, or conversely, those of you who ... nah ... Fans, take note (repeat broadcast):

01:00 AM ET CPAC Special
"Canadians know a lot about Prime Minister Stephen Harper's actions, but a lot less about him. His closest friends and associates reveal what makes him tick, on "Understanding Stephen Harper."

Check your local times here:§ion_id

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Merci bien, Gabby! That's one to tape, bien sûr!

Candace said...

Re: coal-powered plants - I don't know what's happening in ON re: coal but in AB they've got the plants down to minimal emissions. I'm not sure if it's because the coal here is "clean burning" (whatever that means) or the technology or a combination of the two. Maybe the ON plants will be retrofitted? One can only hope.

As for Lorrie, good call!
Sara - you'll be fine!(or were, depending on timing)
Mac - license dog owners AND PARENTS please! My 12-yr-old was invited to a b'day party which was a co-ed sleepover. Gimmeafrigginbreak!

Mac said...

Sleep-over is a misnomer for "watch-movies, eat-popcorn, giggle-all-night & leave-a-mess" since that's what invariably happens. My 12 year old daughter has sleep-overs but we usually host them for some reason.

Co-ed sleepover at age 12? What parent in their right mind would want a house full of 12 year olds of both genders?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"My 12-yr-old was invited to a b'day party which was a co-ed sleepover. "

Good grief! I hope they throw a few condoms in the loot-bags. Seriously, though, were the parents supposed to be home? Not that it would likely make much difference, if they were allowing the thing in the first place.

Sara said...


a parent that plans on staying up all night right next to those kids lol

Zac said...

"My 12-yr-old was invited to a b'day party which was a co-ed sleepover. "

Nothing wrong with that, it's all good. They're only 12, what's the worst that could happen, a pillow fight?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh, boy Zac. I can't wait to see what Candace has to say about that!

Zac said...

What? Did I say something wrong, or are 12 year olds not to be trusted anymore?

Dennis said...


Gone are the days when it was a momentous occasion to merely be able to hold a girl's hand! Now its talk of throwing condoms in their night bag.

I remember what my dad told me about the advantage of having just boys (me and my brothers) as I have three boys of my own. And thats "with a son, you only have to worry about one prick, but with girls, you have to worry about ALL the pricks".


Zac said...

That's pretty good Dennis. I have to write that one down.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Dennis - lol! That's a good one. Yes, things do look a bit different from the perspective of the parent of a budding teenaged daughter. And the way some 12 year-olds dress now! Yikes.

Candace said...

zac, you must not have kids in that age range, and can't have noticed the Brittany Spears & Spice Girls etc etc etc floating around. You can buy a pre-stuffed bra at La Senza Girl for a 5-yr-old these days. Parenting has taken a bit of a turn, to say the least.

Sex ed in Grade 6 includes condoms & bananas - not because the teachers are encouraging sex, but because they are trying to minimize the number of 7th grade girls getting pregnant.

So, yes, I suspect more than pillow fights would go on. Needless to say, my child isn't going to that particular b'day party, even though the invitation (for her) didn't include the overnight part. That kind of stupidity doesn't warrant my support in any way, shape or form.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Candace - I was hoping you'd come back and address Zac's comment! Hoo-haw! You didn't disappoint me. ;)

"you must not have kids in that age range" Zac is barely out of that age range!

He must have also had good family structure to not have been in that kind of situation. Candace, I applaud you for your strength and resolve in dealing with this the way you did. Too many parents say, "Oh what the heck?", and let the kids do what they want. Someday your daughter will thank you for being such a concerned, loving Mom.

Sara said...

aw but one prick can make 10 babies or more, a girl can only make one every 9 months... :)