Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Budget is "Total Lack of Vision" and "Pro-Pollution"

The Grits seem to be afflicted with chronic "Foot in Mouth" disease lately. First we had the infamous popcorn and beer statement; yesterday was Carolyn Bennett's gem about it being good that the budget includes money for jails because we will need them with the demise of the last-minute Liberal daycare program. Today, my own Liberal M.P. Karen Redman went head to head against Cambridge Tory M.P. Gary Goodyear on 570 News' Jeff Allen Show.

Karen maintains that not enough was included in the budget; hence a "Total lack of vision in this budget".

Gary found this laughable considering the previous Liberal government's poor record. He said, "We've gone from Dithering to Done... We're not going to just promise for 13 years." I love it!

Karen dissed the 1% GST cut, saying that there is no watchdog to ensure that small and medium businesses don't just jack up the price on goods by 1%, thereby inferring that businesses might be dishonest and try to fleece the public.

Gary countered that he trusts businesses to pass on the savings to their customers.

Karen finished up the interview with her comment that she sees this as a very "Pro-Pollution" budget.

Gary asserted that $2 billion spent actually cleaning air here is better for Canada than $4 billion spent in Russia (paying lip service to Kyoto).

Time and time again, Karen spewed disinformation and Gary torpedoed her assaults with truth. He said she obviously hadn't read the whole budget before making her claims. "Are you kidding Karen?" he asked her incredulously at one point.

Mmmm... I know some other people who would be well-advised to read the whole document before opening their mouths. Seems to be a pattern with Liberals and MSM.


vicki said...

And joanne ..I'm waiting to see how the media will handle the Bennet thing...the Liberals just scream lies and no one holds them to account!...except bloggers!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Vicki - Yes, I have seen very little about this. Mike Duffy mentioned it tonight of course, but not much else.

Let's hope that our guy Lorrie takes up the cause!

Chuckercanuck said...

Ha! ha! Please, please - don't worry, be happy. In Quebec, its no joke. And its very personal.

Harper walks into the fiscal imbalance thing with a wide set of options to call the problem solved. Quebeckers want to buy any solution he offers. Like Jerry MaGuire, Harper had Quebeckers at "hello."

We may all be stuck in Liberal ridings, but they haven't come to terms with how Reform Party-fied they've become in Quebec.

Long term damage. And yes, next election, you may even see an NDP breakthrough.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Chucker - "Like Jerry MaGuire, Harper had Quebeckers at "hello."

Priceless! And this is the same man who claims he's never been known to seduce anyone!

Zac said...

I'm pleased to see CPC break througs in Quebec. For too long Quebecers have had only 2 options. The Bloc and the Libs.

Both are similar ideologically, with the bloc further to the left but either way.

I think its good to have all parties being able to compete against the seperatists.

CC, I agree with you the NDP will grab a seat of two next time around. Perhaps Ducasse might win on his 6th or 7th try, who knows.

I'm not sure if we will ever see a CPC majority in Quebec, like Mulroney but you guys could grab around 10 - 15 seats next time. The Libs will pick up a few more (around 20). It should be interesting.

Proud K-W Conservative said...


That is the funniest thing I read all night...

You guys could pick up 10-15 seats??? We already have 10...we could pick up another 15-25 on top of that...

And what in the world makes you think the Libranos will pick up anything...anywhere??? Let alone Quebec???

It must be those great polling numbers??? Maybe those strong leadership candidates??? Or perhaps that over-flowing warchest of money???

The only thing the Libranos have going for them is a rollover media...

No matter how much time the media spends on their knees trying to blow up that Librano doll no one will be asking it to the dance in the near future...if ever...

For that I have to say thank you Mr. Chretien...for the new financing rules...and for the albatross you handled that weak-ass Martin...

Proud K-W Conservative said...
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hancor said...

Karen Redman!?! a parliamentarian; you must be joking.

She was the delightful bozo who suggested on May 25th, 2005 that the "government was considering not observing any future losses in confidence votes, till the end of the spring session."

Yep, inaugorate a period of taxation without representation!! Brilliant idea, to refight the 1837 Rebellion! Just let me load up my musket.

Very seductive politics there Karen. Speaking of seduction, apparently Laureen Harper had her hubby Stephen in her sights.

Okay, okay family show draw the drapes!

Chuckercanuck said...


we are top in the polls and climbing. this isn't about "maybe he's gonna..." this is about the past 100 days of excellent government.

we came in second in 40 ridings. before we became so ultra-popular in Quebec. that's right: Before.

Libs will be lucky to keep 6 seats in Quebec next time. Lucky.

NDP gets 1.

Tories up to 30 - 40.

Bloc down to 26 - 35.

Make no mistake: no Liberal gains in Quebec for another 12 years.

Zac said...

Ok, well since I've gotten some flack, I guess I will have to explain myself here.

Harper will be hurt by two things in Quebec:

1) The fact that he outright lied to them by bringing up UNESCO. Any person who knows about the UN, knows that a sub-national group cannot have a seat at UNESCO.

2) Childcare. Now, now..folks, don't jump on me saying that I dont support stay at home moms or anything like that, its the current daycare system in Quebec that will give Harper trouble. Michael Fortier stated that the Quebec system would be allowed to stay in place until March of 2007. Does anyone expect this Parliment to last that long? Honestly? He will take his shot at winning a majority then have to bring out the bad news on Quebec.

But then again, I'm not from Quebec. I have many friends in Quebec, but I guess that you would be a better source to gauge the level of support on the ground Chucker, these are just my musings as an outside observer. Personally, I think these two facts will hurt him.

In total honesty, I feel the Cons will win the next election. But, I don't think that you will get a majority. (in fact, I can't see any party getting a majority any time soon either)

I can't see Harper making any inroads in cities. Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, Victoria, etc will be more Liberal/NDP toss ups, but I can't see much CPC penetration.

The current budget helped Harper in the 905 belt for sure. As positioning himself as Jesus Of Suburbia with the last budget, his message will ring true for the middle class, who, if they didn't like him last time, will give him a look next time around.

But keep in mind that poll numbers are useless. I remember a Conservative saying once that, "the only poll that counts in on election day"

Remember who was up 10 points at the begining of the last election and who ended up 20 points behind by the end.

Chuckercanuck said...


true about polls and election day.

good that you didn't add Mtl to your list of non-breakthrough cities. credit for that.

UNESCO is silly stuff, no one in Quebec cares about it in the end.

Childcare - we didn't need the feds for it, we won't need the feds for it. the case is just fine, thanks.

Zac said...

Montreal, unlike Toronto/Vancouver is not a Liberal strong hold...I may be from Ontario but I do know a thing of two about Quebec.

Hamilton is an example of how urban strongholds can go wrong...its all NDP now. I'll fix that though.