Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Redman Sighting -Toronto Sun Editorial

Looks like Riley scooped the Toronto Sun when he pointed out the pathetic turnout of Liberal M.P.'s to listen to visiting Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Riley singled out Karen Redman's lame excuse for her colleagues' absence:

"I think because it was going in to a long weekend and it was a day when a lot of committee work was cancelled because of Prime Minister Howard's visit, that some people took that time to go back and work in their ridings."

Doesn't that remind you of high school kids being dismissed to attend a pep rally or football game or something, but sneaking home instead? Yeah, I bet they were working really hard in their ridings. Give me a break.

Anyway, the Sun's editorial picks up on this thread today: No Show, No Clue, No Class.

They are pillorying the Grits for the fact that even the NDP demonstrated more class by attending the visit of an important dignitary and leader who is clearly 180 degrees away from their party ethos. Yet they accorded him the respect he deserved.

In fairness to Karen Redman, the Sun also quotes her as stating that she personally believes, "It behooves us to pay respect, especially when it's a world leader, to be there and listen to him." Too bad not all of her classmates realize the importance of proper decorum.

I see a rudderless vessel adrift on a sea of inner turbulence. The captain has jumped ship; the crew scrambles for the lifeboats.

It's every man for himself.


Riley Hennessey said...


Thanks for linking me again haha. You know its funny I know you've linked me whenever I check my sitemeter and see like 2 dozen "blogging tories" linked readers.. then I check blogging tories site and notice your story's been carried and my name is in the first line...

this of course gets all my Liberal friends up in arms but I think its great and its sure hilarious. More tories visit my site I think than any other party... guess cause my own party hates to hear the truth sometimes?

Anywho, thanks for the shout-out.. much obliged to get more readers.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol! My pleasure, Riley. As for your Grit friends, the truth hurts.

Yours is truly one of the most non-partisan Liberals blogs I have ever read. That's what keeps me coming back.

Andrew said...

Of course, when asked to provide details of exactly HOW, they worked their ridings on Friday, they won't remember.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Andrew! They are the "Natural Governing Party"! How dare we ask them such trivial details?

Mac said...

Did you see the next editorial, Joanne?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mac, thanks. That's an interesting article. I was actually thinking about posting something on the "Gywn Morgan debacle". Can't say I agree 100% with the Sun in this instance.

Mac said...

I didn't say I agreed but it was thought provoking.

vicki said...

re: Sun ed...I read that PM Harper actually discussed his decision with the other possible appointees before announcing his decision to postpone the committee appointment.So most of the MSM left out that important detail. They were too quick to call his reaction a hissy fit.
Does anyone ever get tired of the 'racist' attack for the slightest thing? In Canada are we supposed to close our eyes and pretend that everyone looks the same? I've heard some ethnic people say they are afraid to talk about their heritage because it points out that they are different...different means racial...oh no!!
And our country treats Natives with different rules...isn't that 'racial'?When does it end and common sense kick in? If Morgan noticed that Jamaican gang wars continued on Canadian soil...why is that a racist (implied:intolerant) comment?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mac, I didn't mean to imply that you agreed with the Sun.

The Sun seems to be saying that Harper over-reacted; using words like "snit-fit", etc.

It was clear that the opposition just wanted to discredit Harper and would do whatever possible to achieve that end. Gwyn Morgan was the pawn.

Mac said...

I didn't think you implied such. I thought I would clarify my position.

The media loves to sensationalize reactions, especially in politicians.

Former PM Martin was supposed to fly into his subordinates like his comic alter-ego Mr. Dithers flies into Dagwood. PM Harper is "petulant" and pitching "hissy-fits" when balked.

Unfortunately, the politicians lend themselves to this by their reactions. Has anyone heard Jack Layton answer a question from the media where he wasn't either "outraged" or "disappointed" by something? If Jack is that wound up, why doesn't he have ulcers?

Vicki, I agree the race card gets pulled out and played far too often and almost every accusation is false. It's getting to the point where we can't do or say anything without offending someone... or at least someone is willing to claim they're offended.