Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Just a quick little post here. I couldn't resist mentioning John Tory's latest initiative with the Wastebusters website - Blow the Lid off McGuinty Government Waste.

This looks like a great way to vent. Help John Tory accumulate evidence of government waste under Dalton McGuinty. By the time the next election rolls around we should have a lengthy list of examples showing how your tax dollars were flushed down the toilet.

And hey, anyone outside of Ontario can join in too, because it looks like McGuinty is trying to make the rest of Canada help pick up the tab for Caledonia, as well as setting a new precedent for dithering and inaction regarding Native issues.



wayward son said...

Native issues is a federal matter.

Similarly it would be almost impossible for McGuinty to set a new precendent on dithering on native issues, the bar is just set too high.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wayward son, interesting point, but why then did McGuinty buy out the DCE?

Why didn't he just hand the whole matter over to the Feds way back when?

PGP said...

Real Property, Crown Lands and Resources are provincial jurisdiction.

The fact that this dispute involves native groups is not relevant to law.

The federal government is only involved insofar as the original treaty terms and that is a whole other area from the enforcement of law that is so glaringly absent in Ontario.

And the merry-go-round makes another turn!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - Thanks for making that distinction. It's easy to get confused in these matters.

As I understand it, the original treaty predated Confederation, which is why the Federal Gov't feels that this is even more of a provincial issue than would normally be the case. Even so they have been at the table from the get-go. This is one of the oldest claims so I don't see it being resolved anytime soon.

The real issue is why does the Ontario gov't allow the rule of law to be ignored by certain groups of citizens? That is the real question.

Swift said...

Get a job collecting evidence about government waste. Now that's real job security.

Dirk said...

I wonder if Joanne would be as eager about the documentation of any Harper gov't waste.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Go for it, Dirk.

PGP said...

Here's a question for you Jo....
Is the mayor of Toronto David Miller blocking the re-development of "Brown Fields"?

In a conversation I had recently I was told that the mayor was opposing projects that would take old industrial or commercial land and buildings and turn them into housing...condo's or whatever.
Apparently his reason is that Toronto is losing too many businesses and he thinks this is because of the cost of commercial property.
Underlying theme is that he's opposed to market driven development. I think that if there is an increasing supply of real estate it's because the businesses have GONE....for whatever reason.

What's your take on this?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - I haven't heard anything about that, but nothing His Blondness does would surprise me.

Since manufacturing jobs are disappearing in Ontario and fleeing to Mexico etc., it seems logical that Toronto would be affected too. I don't think wishful thinking is going to bring them back.

Sara said...

I've already squealed on McGuinty lol

Swift said...

Top Ten Reasons for businesses fleeing TO.
1. High property taxes.
2. Anti=business city hall.
3. High taxes.
4. Traffic chaos.
5. High taxes.
6. Increased costs to redevelop
brownlands due to city red
tape and silly bylaws.
7. You guessed it!
8. High land costs.
9. What, again? Yup.
10. Uncertainty caused by the
possibility of city passing
more anti=business bylaws.

After years of beating their existing firms over the head with a baseball bat they wonder why they are't getting any new ones to take the punishment.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And #11 - Four more years of His Blondeness!!!