Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm still alive

Sorry that posts here have been so infrequent. I have been attending to some family issues, and then when I started looking around, I realized that my house was in a frightening state of chaos!

Blogging can become addictive to the extent that you sometimes don't even notice the inch of dust everywhere, and the towers of newspapers on every available surface.

So I'm trying to plough through the debris, and also doing a bit of reading and reflecting. I will share my thoughts and insights at a later time.

The book I'm currently reading was recommended by a fellow-blogger. It is "Selling Illusions - the Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada", by Neil Bissoondath. This book has been around for a while, but is still relevant in today's society (perhaps even more so)

Next on my reading list is Mark Steyn's "America Alone". I can't wait to start it, but I want to finish the other since it is a library book. See? I do have some self-discipline!

Please use this blog as a forum to discuss your favourite and most insightful books.

And thanks for checking back every once in a while. I appreciate it.


Jim said...

I require guests to make an appointment so I can clean house before they arrive. Otherwise, I wait for the dust to pile up enough so it's worth the effort.

vicki said...

Just visiting blogs takes alot of my is habit forming heading to addiction.I get hubby to change the computer password once in awhile...when I have to get studying done.I broke down and called Molly Maid today!Hoping for time to read after Christmas...Mark Steyn will be on the top of my list.It is good to get to your blog joanne, and discuss issues.Keep up the good work!

Mac said...

I've been more-or-less offline for the past couple of weeks... less blog-active in the past few months and more engaged in the "real" world. It's been busy at work and at home so the blogs take a backseat.

I hope you're doing well, Jo!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks Jim, Vicki and Mac for your suggestions and good wishes.

Yes, as much fun as it is to write blogs and read them, the real world does beckon once in a while.

Vicki, Molly Maid is a great idea! And I like Jim's idea about the appointments. On the other hand, if someone just drops in I feel that they enter at their own peril and I am not responsible for their safety. ;)

RGM said...

I'm hoping to pick up Steyn's book as well. I've enjoyed the excerpts from the Post this past week, nice to know that some folks still "get it" when it comes to the grand strategy of the War on Terror & Tyranny.

C. LaRoche said...

Anyone looked at the new Thomas Homer-Dixon? Something along the lines of "The Upside of Down."

The Steyn looks interesting -- as does Paul Wells' new book. Sadly, I find I don't have much time these days to consume several hundred pages on a recent election...

Recent interesting read, though not particularly Canada related: J.R. Saul's "Collapse of Globalism."

Anonymous said...

Your family is your first priority. It is true that this blogging can take over, but we have to be careful and not let that happen.

liberal supporter said...

Take it easy, Joanne. We'll still be here. I'm sure we won't be living in Utopia, so we won't be bored and there will be plenty to talk about.

PGP said...

My recommended reading list...none of them new but all of them insghtfull.

1- The Hidden Persuaders,

Author: Packard, Vance

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd, 1991

This book looks at the application of psychology in mass media marketing.

Taking a look at the hooks and prods that are applied to the psyche of the individual in our society. Should be a primer for every school child on how to recognize manipulation and how to deal with attempts to manipulate them.

2- Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and the Media

Author: Noam Chomsky/ Mark Achbar

Publisher: Black Rose Books

This book looks at the work of Noam Chomsky and an analysis of bias in mass media, mainstream media and the effects of bias. Why is there so little effort to present balanced and complete information? What are the ramifications?
(Just in case you are put off by Chomski's politics, remember his insight about the media was right he just didn't know they were leaning toward his side!)

3- Culture of Complaint, The Fraying of America

Author : Hughes, Robert
Publisher: Havill Press 1999, Oxford University Press 1993

Food for thought and enlightening POV on culture in North America.

This book looks at how media has polarized America and how the general move toward specialization and away from solid foundations of core values has left a weakened and shallow society. Although the author wanders around some diverse areas the book is very enlightening.

vicki said...

Wow!! pgp...retired?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the moral support, guys, and the great suggestions for reading material! I'll be keeping the local library branch busy!

Yeah, sometimes it's good to take a time-out for reflection.

Has anyone switched to the new version of Blogger yet? I was wondering if there were any pitfalls to be watching for? Thanks.

Sara said...

good luck breaking it lol. I do 9am to 11am now for my work time. Well not the full 2 hours the kids won't let me but that is my specified time for advocating... I need the structure or I break.

PGP said...

Steyn's book is on the list for "NEW" reading those oldies are things I went through Decades ago.....except for Hughes.

There is so much crap on the bookshelves it's hard to find something fresh and original.
When in doubt I go back to some classics.

Swift said...

Withdrawal symptoms are becoming severe, temptation to read Red Tory's blog becoming irresistable.

vicki said...

swift..hang in there...and try some new sights on the roll!!We were getting the shakes for a few days when Joel at 'Proud to Be Canadian' was 'absent'...he's back!Joanne...does your house sparkle now?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

You guys are too funny!!!

Joanne...does your house sparkle now?

I still have to unearth my dining room table. I know it's here somewhere...

temptation to read Red Tory's blog becoming irresistable

Egad! No, Swift, not that!!! I'll try to drag myself away from the dust cloth ASAP.