Monday, November 27, 2006

This can't be good

Michael Chong said to be quitting his cabinet post! I've had the pleasure of meeting Michael. He is one great guy.

This is not a good thing.

UPDATE: Yes, it's true. Michael Chong has resigned his cabinet post so that he can abstain from the "Nation" vote tonight. It is a three-line whip, which means that cabinet ministers must support the government bill, but back-benchers may either abstain or support the bill.

This is quite a loss.

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Technical Update: I corrected the definition of "Three-Line Whip" here, because I now realize that caucus members do not have the option to vote against the government bill in this situation.

It is the most severe whip, and not one that allows any vote against the proposed bill; only abstentions from non-cabinet caucus members and even then only with permission.

The term "whip" BTW is derived from foxhunting. I thought that was interesting.


Anonymous said...

I would be more worried if it was someone from Alberta which could be a sign of anger from the Conservative's fort but it's from the Toronto "Lieberal Nation" area...I'm not surprized a loose screw or two would jump off the ship...Anyway, Harper's motion was brilliant and will be that much more if he is successful with part 2 of his plan: Change the Constitution to limit Fed intervention into Prov. jurisdictions...Bye Bye Bloc!

liberal supporter said...

Yes, the agenda is not hidden at all. All institutions, including the Constitution itself, are under attack by these Philistines.

Anonymous said...

The info's from Garth Turner and other sources [Liberal Party], so I guess we'll have to see what really happens.

For someone who's not a member of the Conservative Party, Garth seems to know what's going on at all times.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

All I can say is, Iggy, see what you started? Maybe it's time to leave before you cause any more trouble.

Anonymous said...

Iggy must be apoplectic.

First he's brilliantly saving the country, then he's stupidly putting it all at risk, then he's brilliantly saving us... today, more stupidly putting us all at risk...

I'm surprised the Tories held things together this long.

If you're going to put forward a motion proclaiming something that a majority of Canadians oppose, and concede that the Quebecois form a nation, without defining either "quebecois" or "nation", eventually, someone somewhere is bound to be more worried that you're scribbling national unity strategy on the back of a napkin using words no one can agree on, then they are excited that "Quebeckers" will like it (or the "Quebecois" will like it, or "les Quebecoise et Quebecoise" which could be 3 different things depending upon whom you're speaking to, and in which official language, but don't worry about that, none of it matters since we won't define "nation" either).

If you realize that all of this craziness is happening without any consultations with you, and you're the federal INTERGOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS MINISTER(!), you really need to resign.

Joanne (True Blue) said...


Yeah, if Michael Chong didn't agree in the first place, it would be hard to be the guy that had to deal with the fall-out.

Gilles Duceppe must be laughing in his poutine right about now...

Anonymous said...

You worry too much...Quebecois are not on a separation mood these days.
Most seppies who brought us oh so close to secession in 95 are mostly all on the soft side of separation. A spur of the moment insult or betrayal triggers their actions usually.
Had we not elected the Conservatives or another party than the Liberals at the last election for example, the Quebecois would be a lot more bitter towards Canada today as they would of perceived it as a "rejection" from Canadians. Harper's chess game is mighty powerful.
The Nation motion is good...The probable constitutional amendment for Fed to Prov. jurisdiction will also play well.
Lucien Bouchard has done a 180 and is now telling Qcers to stop the navel gasing and look at the real issues facing them...Quebecois are not angry these days...No one has insulted them of late...WE SURELY DON'T NEED ANY MOONBATS LIKE CLYDE WELLS OR THE MSM TURNING THIS THING INTO A CIRCUS THOUGH.

Anonymous said...

I think Michael Chong did the right thing by following parliamentary tradition of cabinet solidarity and resigning if, as a cabinet minister, he could not support the government. It's something we havent seen in a very long time, so people might be put off.
Thought why he waited now, and not last week, I don't know...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

. It's something we havent seen in a very long time, so people might be put off.

It happened in the same-sex marriage vote. A Liberal Cabinet Minister had to step down because he couldn't support the bill.

You worry too much...Quebecois are not on a separation mood these days.

Thanks, Anon. What's heartening is that Stephane Dion is supporting this motion. I see that as a very positive sign. If I were Liberal I would support him for sure.

Zac said...

Might we be second guessing the "brialliance" of this motion, Joanne?

Oh, and Michael Chong was a good minister. It's shame that he stepped down.

Red Tory said...

A man of conviction and courage stepped down. If that doesn't send a signal to you folks, then you're thick as a brick.

Chuckercanuck said...

thick as a brick?

MP Chong behaved beautifully, I hope he's back in cabinet soon.

Garth is a little gossip and I find that quite unpleasant and unbecoming of an adult/MP.

I disagree with both of them on this resolution.

Joanne: Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. I smell a whole lot of that going, in my opinion.

And when Red Tory advances the notion that courage and conviction can put you only on one side of an issue - beware!

PGP said...

Thick as a Brick! I never did like that album.....

As for the brough-haha over this...
What's the problem?

As anyone who actually read the statement would know the resolution is that "Quebecois" are ......

So tell me now! Can you define a Quebecois?

Bigger issues abound and this is just fluff!
If it offends your senses to see or hear another play for "Special" status of some group well I can understand that.
I'm peeved that this even came up....but on the other hand I see some good possibilities that may come from this move.
Yep 'Philistines' 'neo-cons' 'red necked bigots' 'racist' 'sexist' blah blah blah blah...........

With the feds constitutionally OUT of Provincial jusrisdictions as was INTENTDED in the BNA we have a chance of salvaging a JUST society with protection FROM the Government.

I see and end to many abuses of the situation at the hands of federal bureaucracies and parasites.

Maybe we can even hope that Property Rights might be defended in some way!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Zac, yeah, Peter Van Loan's a good guy.

And when Red Tory advances the notion that courage and conviction can put you only on one side of an issue - beware!

Chucker, I learned some time ago to be very wary of Mr. Red.

Zac said...

Peter Van Loan will do a good job. A wise choice.

Red Tory said...

Chucker/Joanne -- You are far too cynical. I happen to agree with Mr. Chong's sentiments and I salute his courage. I likewise admire Mr. Dryden's stand in opposition on this motion as well.

Chuckercanuck said...


I'm just havin' a chuckle is all.

I'm sure you know that courage and conviction can put you on either side of this debate.