Friday, August 11, 2006

Open Letter to Premier McGuinty

Another good reason to have a National Post subscription (no I'm not getting a kick-back here).

Conservative Opposition Leader John Tory has written an open letter to Dalton McGuinty about "Restoring the Rule of Law" in Caledonia. Again, this is available to subscribers only.

However, Mr. Tory makes some excellent suggestions. First of all, he urges the Ontario Premier to get personally involved and call all sides into his office; laying out various conditions for returning to the negotiating table such as:
  • -End to "unscheduled gatherings"
  • -Agreement to restrict noise and activity at night
  • -Remove all barricades and signage on and around site
  • -"...the protesters leave the occupied land not later than the time at which negotiations are to resume, with assurances in hand from you, in writing if necessary, that the land in dispute will be held by the Government of Ontario in trust, that there will be no action taken in respect of that land pending the conclusion of the land claims negotiations and that the land will be dealt with in accordance with the ultimate determination of the land claims process, which I hope can be expedited. Since the governments are parties to the land claims negotiations, it may well be that you would put the land apparently owned by the Ontario Government into the hands of an independent trustee acceptable to all participants in those negotiations."

Seems like common sense to me. Of course, that's not usually McGuinty's style.

BTW, John Tory is on Newstalk 570 this morning.

Update: Joan Tintor has the whole letter posted, along with her own very witty editorial!


PGP said...

Good for John Tory.

I doubt if premier McGoo will take any head.

You remember McGoo the blind fool walking around in his myopic haze leaving a trail of destruction and chaos in his wake. Funny stuff in an animated cartoon. Not so much in real life.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha-ha! Mr. MacGoo. Yeah, I remember that!

Why do Ontario voters continue to support this joker though? His approval rating has not dropped, as far as I know. Maybe everyone likes the thought of thumbing their noses at the rule of law!

PGP said...

The answer is that in Ontario the minions of socialist liberal ideology have been winning the hearts and minds of the sheeple. The education system from cradle to grave is saturated with libcomsimp thought and rhetoric. The legal system has been perverted into a touchy feely playground for social activism. The mass media offer nothing but a steady drip of sympathetic views for the liberal/left agenda . Any one who dares to question any of this is smacked with some of the stock litany of labels that the left loves so much.
The result is society of dyed in the wool liberal leftists who want the nurse nanny state to relieve them of their worries but are unwilling to take any responsibility for the situation they find themselves in.

It's too scary to contemplate the implications of a culture of responsibility and accountability for these brainwashed fools.

Hence complete idiots like Mcguinty get public support no matter what.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - Wow!! I don't think I've ever heard such a succinct analysis of the underlying problems in Ontario. We were in danger of the whole country going in that direction until Stephen Harper took the reins. Thank God for that!

Neo Conservative said...

Full content of press release here...


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Neo! Lots of resources. Excellent.

Jason Bo Green said...

I pay no attention to people who call citizens "sheeple".

McGuinty has been absolutely, totally, 100% wrong and irresponsible. I wish we had impeachment available, he should be thrown out for his reckless mishandling of this entire affair.

Ontarians are not "sheeple".

Mac said...

Jason, what does the term 'sheeple' mean to you?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jason, I think PGP was making more of a statement about how many people can be conned, rather than attempting to label all Ontario voters.

He was describing a lemming-like behaviour that is very prevalent in Ontario. Of course, not every Ontario resident has been sucked in. I haven't. Therefore I am not a sheeple. But I get what he is saying, and I agree with the observation.

x2para said...

I don't think its a case of being sheeple, the people who support him actually beleive its OK to be blackmailed "natives". (Of'course left wing simps wouldn't call it blackmail).