Thursday, August 03, 2006

Caledonia Update - Poll Headaches

Although the Ontario Liberals still have the support of the majority of Ontario residents (why?), it seems that John Tory's Conservatives now have a large margin of support among Hamilton and Niagara voters. Today's Spectator states that according to Leger's Craig Worden,
"the only issue he can think of that could be affecting Grit fortunes in Hamilton is the native occupation of a Caledonia housing development."

"He said for the last six months there was basically a three-way tie in Hamilton-Niagara between the three parties."

Perhaps there is hope. This issue really is a blemish on the face of the government. Even the natives are not totally thrilled with the way things have been handled.

In another interesting development, the Spectator has uncovered an exclusive story about RCMP involvement.


jeff davidson said...

we remember, in ontario, what the last conservative government did to this province. that is, of course, why the liberals will win the next election in ontario. (and probably the next federal election too.)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jeff, it's interesting that when governments do what they say they're going to do, they get dissed; whereas the ones that lie during elections and then go on to break their promises are the ones that Canadians seem to like.

Go figure.

Joan Tintor said...

Yeah, kept their promises, that's what they "did to this province."

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joan, yeah. How unethical!

Annie said...

I'm never really sure what people mean when they say things like we remember, in ontario, what the last conservative government did to this province

Was I sleeping? What did they do that was so bad for the province? For the life of me, I just don't see what was so awful. Exactly what does that statement mean?

Zac said...

Joanne, I don't want to speculate who will win the province. It'll be close considering how similar McGuinty and Tory are politically.

In Hamilton, it will be a toss up.

Redistribution is happening right now. Hamilton-West is disolving and turning into Hamilton-Centre which is currently held by Andrea Harworth provincially and Christopherson federally. Both dippers, both popular. Howarth will beat Marsalles, who will probably run in Hamilton-Centre since her riding is being disolved.

McMeekin will win Flamborough-Ancaster-Dundas-Aldershot. He's very, very popular there. He was the mayor of Flamborough for many years. He ain't going anywhere.

Hamilton-Mountain will stay Liberal for sure.

Erie-Lincoln will be picked up by Tories.

Stoney Creek will stay Liberal. Jennifer Mossop is very popular out there.

Haldimand Norfolk will go Tory.

That's just my humble hometown opinion.

2 Tory
3 Liberal

Mac said...

Annie, the provincial Liberals and Dippers in Ontario customarily use the name "Mike Harris" like a swear word. They've convinced themselves that by doing so, they'll prevent the possibility of another Conservative government. It's similar to ostriches with their head in the sand although, in this case, the leftie heads are up somewhere warm and odorous.

I expect history will look upon the government of Mike Harris kindly but only if unbiased historians get to write it.

Zac said...

Mac, I've got no problem with a PC government in Ontario. I don't. I'm not so rapidly partisan that I would want a Liberal government for the sake of a Liberal government.

There was good and bad things about Mike Harris. One of the best things that he did to Ontario was extending the provincial spousal benefits to same-sex couples. He was one of the first in Canada. Even the Ontario Liberal voted against that one.

The bad was bad though. The broad cuts he made to welfare were disasterous and cannot be forgiven. Cutting the Personal Needs Allowance to $113 per month, horrid. I think we can all agree that people cannot live on that. I could go on and on and on.

He was brutally fiscally conservative, yet socially progressive. That's an odd combination in a politician. His legacy will be hard to pin down.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mac - "Mike Harris"; "George Bush" - words to fend off Conservatives like holding up a cross to a vampire.

Mu-ha-ha!!!! (Wow, I've been hanging around Sara way too much!)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Zac, do you think you could help Mac with his blog problems?

Zac said...

Blog problems?

You mean like not having one even though I told him a million times he should start one up? Those sort of blog problems.

Mac said...

Yeah, I can't figure out how to add my blog to my Blogger profile... and half the time, when I link my blog, it does some bizarre HTML thing which turns the rest of my post into a link as if the HTML is unterminated.


Mac said...

Hey, it worked the last couple of times but I've had to trick Blogger by changing the link, previewing and then changing back. Weird but if it works, who cares?

Zac, I'm glad you're not rabidly or rapidly partisan. I'm not either.

So Harris was socially progressive (I can handle that within reason) and fiscally conservative? My kinda guy!

For myself, I don't have a problem with welfare but there needs to be a line in the sand. Instead of cutting the entitlement (grrr, I hate that word!), perhaps Harris should have tackled the rules regarding qualification.

Zac, you might want to plug your ears... errr, close your eyes?

If someone runs into circumstances which put them out of work, out of money, etc., then by all means, help them back onto their feet, provide them job training, get them back into the workforce at the best level possible ASAP!

If someone makes substance abuse into a lifestyle choice and renders themselves unemployable, welfare should only available to them if they are in detox or participating in rehabilitation programs. If they miss a daily (yes, daily!) class, they're cut off ASAP. Routine is the antithesis of substance abuse.

Those daily classes should be run by private agencies, not government since governments are hopelessly inept at delivery of social services because of the nature of bureaucracy.

No-one should be able to spend the majority of their life on welfare. No way, no how, no excuses. Such parasites only exist because liberal governments use welfare as a carrot to buy them as voters.

Mac said...

On a unrelated note, I've been unable to post comments on Officially Screwed's blog for a couple of days and, to make matters worse, some other Mac posted there!! And he's read the book in question... and I haven't!! I feel so... inadequate...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha-ha! Mac, Mulder visits here quite often, so let's hope he reads your comment! I must go back there and write down the titles of those books for future reference. Thanks for reminding me!

Sara said...

Harris did do a number on us, but I'm ready for a change at least Harris did what he promised (which was bullshit) but he did not like the weasel McGuinty

Dark Blue Tory said...

I hate Dalton McNerdy. I think the time has come to replace him, but these pinkos in this province will crawl over broken glass to vote for them.

Dark Blue Tory said...

Harris repaired our damaged economy. He kept his word. The only "number" done on us was Paul Martin's thrashing of the transfer payments and downloading on the provinces.

Oh, how soon we forget.

I miss his leadership.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

No-one should be able to spend the majority of their life on welfare. No way, no how, no excuses. Such parasites only exist because liberal governments use welfare as a carrot to buy them as voters.

I agree with everything you said, Mac. (for the most part, anyway.)

I miss his leadership. DBT, I hope you're not referring to Paul Martin!!! *cough!*

Red Tory said...

Totally off topic: Something your readers may find interesting.

Red Tory said...

liberal governments use welfare as a carrot to buy them as voters.

What complete nonsense.

Zac said...

Harris repaired our damaged economy.

That's why the province was billions in debt when McGuinty took over eh?

Harris could have killed the debt off in Ontario easily, but he decided to hand out tax cuts instead and base budgets on projected income rather than actual governmental revenues. His clown of a finance minister is still around too...where's he work again?