Saturday, August 05, 2006

Globe Poll

Although I don't put much stock in on-line polls, today's Globe poll is somewhat disturbing (Do you support the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan?)

Results at 2:40 p.m. show the "No" side with 76% of the vote; Yes only 24%!

I find this really surprising, because it is a fairly wide open question, and subject to interpretation. How could 76% be totally against the mission, when even the opposition parties support it to some degree?

Very strange.

Sunday Update: Well, the Yes side has picked up somewhat at 6:30 a.m.
31% against 69% for the No's.

Not that I care about polls, of course. Especially a poll in the Globe.


Riley Hennessey said...


Good eye with this post. This is just my opinion, but I think I have an explanation for the Globe's poll.

The online edition of the Globe I find usually about 90% of the remarks in the comments section are virulantly anti-Harper and anti-Bush. I often enjoy flipping through the comments section of articles to read what people have to say. Overall I'd say the interactive readership of the Globe Online is highly skewed left. This is not to say that moderate or right wing people don't read the globe online, but I believe that the people who INTERACT with the globe online, that is; comment, vote, and respond to articles, polls and online chats are dominantly left.

This would explain why an online poll on the globes site would be favoring removal from Afghanistan.

I think if people actually looked past the rhetoric about the mission in Afghanistan, they would support it.

Unfortunately, I fear that the left parties and left liberal leadership candidates have made Afghanistan a losing battle. It kills me that they play partisan tactics with a mission and disrespect what our troops are doing over there. Calling it a "search and kill" mission (as the NDP does) really hurts our overall goals and capabilities over there. It's essentially trashing our armed forces.

But hey, it makes for a good bi-line doesn't it?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol! I was just over at your site, Riley! However, you make an excellent point. The poll is likely skewed according to the readership's base, which is largely left.

Also, there could have been a concerted effort to have various people vote in a certain way. I have been contacted by email myself on several occasions to vote in a particular poll, with the sender having a good idea which way I would vote. ;)

Mary said...

To me the polls are used by the left to prove a pre-supposed position. I find that liberals always try to create polls to try to swing people to voting or thinking the way they want them to.
I also think that there is a big silent majority out there that does not venture their opinion because of the screaming ultra liberals just get in your face, call names when they can’t budge you.
Now I say that every day Moms & Dads faced with raising a family, are paying attention to what is going on over there, and they are silently urging our troops on, hoping that some semblance of order will prevail.
They are scared stiff about an ideal logy that will kill and maim by destroying themselves and others. We have never faced an enemy that does not care about self-preservation but only about the imposition of their will upon the whole world.
The silent majority are the ones that will support the one who supports fighting for our freedom and the courage to do so, and we are the ones who go to the polls to vote for the guy with unwavering courage.

As Rush Limbaugh said on Friday:

We need another Churchill!!!!!!!
We do indeed!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mary, that's right. We are facing an enemy which has no regard at all for human life. That is a concept that we find very difficult to deal with.

Mac said...

Like Riley, I sometimes read the online edition and marvel at the comments. The majority of the comments are rabidly left.

The sad part is many on the left will tell you the Globe is a right-wing paper because they sometimes present balanced articles. Any publication that employs a socialist like Jeffrey Simpson shouldn't ever be described as right-wing.

KPK said...

These polls are rigged. All you have to do is clear your browser cache and vote over and over again. These results could be skewed simply by having a couple of NDP lackies sitting in front of their computers and voting repeatedly all day.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mac - The Globe may like to think of itself as approaching centrist, but yeah, far from it. The only saving grace in that rag is Christie Blatchford (whom I have met, and who is awesome!).

KPK - That is very interesting. Yes, hardly scientific.

Mary said...

Israeli war deaths go largely unoticed. Reuters was alone among non-Israli media outlets to report their deaths according to a google news search. Meanwhile the British press venomous anti-Israil coverage has continued it's tirade against Israel.
It's like they are saying to the terrorists- look we are on your side so please don't blow us up.
I am thankful for the Drudge Report and the Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh for at least some balanced news getting through. So do I believe in polls or even pay attention to them?
No, not ever for I feel they are rigged and unreliable.
Please God we need another Churchill!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Meanwhile the British press venomous anti-Israil coverage has continued it's tirade against Israel.
It's like they are saying to the terrorists- look we are on your side so please don't blow us up.

Yeah, and that didn't help in the London subway bombing...

Mary, check out the "Blogging Tory" link on the left side of my blog for more evidence of media bias with regards to doctored photos, etc. when reporting news in the Middle East.

It's more of a media war than anything else, I think.

Mary said...

Has anybody dusted off their bibles and opened them to Armageddon and end time events?
It seems to me that Israel is surrounded by a sea of enemies all sides and is fighting for her very life and survival.
Just wondering! Does anybody see the thread here?