Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who's in charge?

Former C.W. Jefferys teacher Sandra Fusco bravely exposes the reality of the inner city high school in today's Sun (We Are All to Blame):

"...I felt sick to my stomach when one reporter said the murderer "somehow got a gun into the school," knowing full well he or she needed just to walk through the front doors at any time during the school day and would likely not be approached or questioned by anyone."
"These are just a few of my experiences. Other incidents include students throwing textbooks and desks at teachers and the time a female teacher was surrounded by a group of male students as they taunted, "Suck my d--k"; the list is endless. Sadly, each of these cases were initially brushed off by certain members of the administration, if acknowledged at all. As each day passed, my sense of normalcy was deteriorating. Does this sound like a safe environment conducive to learning?"

She describes a school environment of complacency and willful blindness to the number of intruders that loiter in the hallways, and parents who don't seem to have assumed responsibility for instilling proper values.

The Globe carried an editorial yesterday (under subscriber lock) that backed up these observations (To Save Schools from the Thugs):

"...Believe it or not, there are Toronto schools with doors for black students and doors for the non-black, a rule enforced by school thugs. This is a recipe for loss of adult control and community confidence. School authorities need to move faster to take back control from the thugs."

We are far beyond the point where a few extra security cameras are going to make a difference. Who's going to watch them, or do anything about it anyway?

I have long been an advocate of teaching children logical consequences. You tell the child that if he or she does "a", then "b" will happen. Then if the child does "a", you actually follow through with "b". It's not rocket science, but it works. I have two children who grew up to be wonderful, responsible adults.

This is what a child needs - a firm, loving predictable environment. It sounds as if at C.W. Jeffrys, the inmates are running the asylum. There appears to be no control. No wonder the kids are cautious about snitching. Who's going to protect them? Not the teachers, that's for sure.

If you continue to let a child get away with murder when they're young, chances are that someday it just might actually happen.

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Update: Another very interesting perspective - Watch who's watching your road rage!


Anonymous said...

This priniple is brave and deserves credit for speaking out. Would Miller and MSM want us to believe the school atmosphere would be just peachy if it wasn't for the guns?(Hand gun laws are already in place,BTW)
Bottom line...guns aren't the problem...the human heart is.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, I think that was a teacher, rather than a principal that wrote the story, but that doesn't matter. The point is that we all need to be taking more responsibility - parents, teachers and community.

Hand-gun laws as you say are already in effect. Thugs will always find a way to get guns. Funnily enough, they don't usually go by the rules.

Anonymous said...

Lets get real, it is these murdering thugs who keep voting NDP & Lib so do no expect Miller or McAsswipe to do anything. All they are concerned about are votes.
They just want everyone to believe it is all the fault of the feds, especially now we have conservative government. We should all forget about the Lib controlled senate holding up gun laws.

Anonymous said...

Good post Joanne.But do you realise your link is titled"WE are all to blame" and in your previous post you did not want to be included in the 'we'.
We are on a slippery slope.And 'we' do suffer the consequences because 'we' haven't taken a stronger stand to enforce right vs wrong. It has been said that each indidual has there 'own moral compass'. Therin lies part of the problem.Makes one dizzy.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Vicki. So you're talking about absolute truth, right?

I suppose that's a whole other topic. I'll just be happy if the schools actually start enforcing some of their own rules and get the intruders out of the schools.

Jordan Manner's mother sent him to C.W.Jefferys thinking it was a 'safe' school. Little did she know... Maybe she should sue the school board.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Here's a hopeful sign in the Post:

C.W. Jefferys staff to ask board for new safety measures. Talking about school unforms, etc. Good idea.

Too bad it took this to wake them up.

Mac said...

Here's the G&M article if anyone doesn't have a subscription:


I've always like the idea of school uniforms. It removes social barriers and helps build a sense of school pride. Unfortunately, too many parents see uniforms as oppressive, inhibiting how kids express themselves.

Friends of mine moved to Australia last year and their kids now wear uniform. Although they were reluctant at first, the kids have come to enjoy it!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for that link, Mac! That's a great site.

Yeah, I think uniforms are good for a number of reasons. Obviously intruders would stick out, and of course they wouldn't be allowed to wear anything remotely resembling gang colours, etc.

Brian in Calgary said...

Thugs will always find a way to get guns. Funnily enough, they don't usually go by the rules.

Yeah, Joanne, who'd have thought it. As far as the proposed legislation getting tougher on crime, the government should make it a confidence matter, and dare the opposition to defeat it.