Friday, May 25, 2007

Jonas on abortion

Great column here by George Jonas (H/T Lifesite), where he picks apart some of tired old arguments used by the Pro-choice crowd.

It is a somewhat irreverent and almost humourous perspective, if that were possible with such a contentious issue:
...Some put the question in terms of a woman's right to control her own body. That would be valid enough in the realm of smoking, diet, liposuction, or sex -- but abortion? Abortion means controlling someone else's body. (As a man, I have no authority to speak on the matter, I know, but I'm not speaking as a man. I'm speaking as an ex-fetus.)...

He also addresses the reality of our declining birthrate:
...We're all set to march to our extinction in style. We've become the only species that diminishes with success: the first in natural history to experience population decline whenever we do well. The wealthier and more secure our post-Darwinian societies become, the more we fail to reproduce...

Enjoy the read. Also please check out SDA's discussion on "Populating a Baby-Starved Canada".

Macleans has an interesting article concerning our Baby Deficit as well - Making Moms: Can We Feed the Need To Breed?


Mac said...

I don't normally go into the abortion debate (and I'm not going to here) but Jonas makes a great argument.

Anonymous said...

From an environmental outlook the ironic thing is that we've managed to sustain economic growth in large measure through increased consumption. We don't have an overpopulation problem we have a consumption problem.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I don't normally go into the abortion debate

You're a wise man, Mac.