Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Native Claim Redux

Perhaps this is too simplistic, but I think the "two-tier justice" complaints and land disputes might be reduced to one basic premise - Natives do not see themselves required to obey Canadian law.

And that may be too much of a generalization. Perhaps it depends on whether the band follows the traditional council or the elected one. I could be totally out to lunch here and therefore invite input. However if that were true then perhaps I could begin to understand why Canadian police sit back and do nothing. It would start to make some kind of sense.

Trevor Miller has been in jail since August when he was arrested for assaulting two members of a television crew.

"He is being held as a hostage, a political prisoner," protester Pat Houlley told the Canadian Press, arguing Miller should never have been charged, because as an aboriginal he shouldn't be subject to Canadian law. "We've never abandoned our traditional government nor been conquered by any war."

Is this how all aboriginals feel? That they are apart from Canadian law and Canadian society?

Meanwhile natives in Caledonia deny involvement in the trashing of a house near Douglas Creek Estates.

But the Ontario government is not stupid. With an election coming, and while attempting to give MPP's a 25% raise, they must be seen to be doing something for the Caledonia residents.

How much money will it take to buy a whole town?

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Dust My Broom - Above the law in Caledonia.

Update: Family dog injured at trashed house - according to Toby Barrett at Queen's Park.


Anonymous said...

I believe that you're right. There's a specialness in the native community that is especially irritating. Of course this is a generalization, because there are many natives who work together with everyone else in their community and in this land, but they don't make the news, do they?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

but they don't make the news, do they?

Then why aren't they speaking out, and trying to build some bridges and foster understanding?

Anonymous said...

Uh how about this one?

White man is liar and cheater and got away with it for hundreds of years. Now dumb indian no longer trusts what he says so he goes on war path. That makes arrogant white man listen finally and even the public sits back in embarrassed agreement. Only the greedy and power hungry want to see Indian still be screwed.

Anonymous said...

It's the aboriginals that cannot be trusted.

Soccermom said...

"Then why aren't they speaking out, and trying to build some bridges and foster understanding?"

Sounds eerily similar to the situation with extreme Islam. The innocent people are afraid of the militants, so they don't speak out against them.

They all need to grow up, stop looking back in history to prove their victimhood, and start making their own futures for themselves and their kids.

I get so angry when I hear commentators spouting off about "Canada's national disgrace - the plight of the aboriginals". What other country hands over billions upon billions every year to such a small population? Haven't we done enough? Time for THEM to start taking responsibility for themselves, already. The status quo (since forever) is clearly not working. Want more of the same? Not me. And they shouldn't want that for themselves, either.

I challenge any downtown Toronto liberal/ndp types to live next to a reserve for a few days and you'll gain a new perspective on things.

kelly said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Soccermom. The status quo is not working and it's not helping.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon at 11:01:20 PM - Thanks for your input here. I really do appreciate it. I have a lot of questions, and I hope you don't take them the wrong way, because I am truly trying to understand.

Here's the first one: Who is "White Man"? It may seem like a stupid question, but I feel we need a definition here. Thank you.

john said...

I agree, Soccer mom.
Time to cut the money we're giving them, or at least have them work at something to earn it.
One the one hand it would give them a feeling of self-worth, which appears to be sadly lacking.
On the other, if they had to work for a living, they wouldn't have time for these occupations.
Th latest one, which is priceless - now that we're finally giving back the land Trudeau took from the farmers for Mirabel airport - Clarence Simon, chief of the Kanesatakes, wants a piece of it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sounds eerily similar to the situation with extreme Islam. The innocent people are afraid of the militants, so they don't speak out against them.

Very profound.

I think it would help if there were more dialogue because many people are acting out of fear on both sides. And the government is caving to the militant, vocal minority. Unfortunately this is creating an atmosphere of antagonism and mistrust.