Thursday, December 07, 2006

AG Report Elicits Strong Warning from McGuinty

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun, Premier Dalton McGuinty has delivered another strong statement of discontent regarding public sector misuse of taxpayer money:

You will be found out!

Oh boy! I bet that has them shaking in their boots! About as much as the Caledonia protestors who were told in response to their request for donations of firewood and supplies, that continuing the occupation "in some kind of permanent way, through the winter for example — that is not acceptable to us"

This guy knows how to be tough.

In fact, I heard that if any Ontario public employee dares take a winter vacation on the taxpayer, Dalton won't even supply the sunscreen anymore!


Anonymous said...

I see McGuinty is again blaming his financial woes on The Government of Canada......

Ontario can't cut taxes without more federal funds: Finance minister
at 11:14 on December 7, 2006, EST.

TORONTO (CP) - Finance Minister Greg Sorbara says underfunding from Ottawa is keeping Ontario from cutting taxes.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - Same old song... "Blame the other guy". It gets so tiresome.

Mac said...

Yeah, it's all the Fed's fault... nothing to do with their economic policies, social programs or spending habits, right?

Anonymous said...

the liberal mantra

one step forward... two steps back

"Meanwhile, the province has put the brakes on a wind power mega-project proposed for Lake Ontario off the shores of Prince Edward County."

dalton just couldn't figure out how to siphon big bucks out of this one

i'm going out to buy a generator

Jay said...

If I remember correctly, aren't natives a FEDERAL responsibilty? You people being subjected to this standoff in Caledonia are doing so only because the Regressive Conservative Party of Canada is dragging its heels in order to play political games with Ontario.

No need to bitch to McGuinty, what you are gong through now is due to what you voted for last january.

But I guess you will repeat your "big lie" againa nd again Joanne.

Let me guess is tomorrow nature vs nurture day again?