Sunday, December 17, 2006

Harper - Time's Choice for Cdn Newsmaker of the Year

Via National Newswatch - Time magazine has named Stephen Harper as Canadian Newsmaker of 2006!

I like this part:

The magazine says, "If Harper wins the majority he craves, in the election expected sometime next year, he may yet turn out to be the most transformational leader since Trudeau.''

Mmm... O.K. Maybe that could be taken has something other than a compliment, but I do think he will take up more than a paragraph in the history books!

(And they said he could never pull it off. Ha! So there.)


Gabby in QC said...

From the CTV site:
" ... [Stephen Harper] reopened the wounds of the national unity debate by supporting Quebec's right to declare itself a "nation.''

Not accurate. We all know or should know the chronology of the story:
1. Igghead brought the nation question up.
2. When the ROC reacted negatively (including Liberal supporters like the Toronto Star's James Travers), Igghead disowned it, saying it was some Liberal backroom person, William Hogg, who had penned the resolution.
3. Gilles Duceppe decided to bring his motion forward in the HoC.
4. Stephen Harper saw that as a possible threat, so he presented his motion.
5. Gilles Duceppe first said No Way! to Harper's motion, then said Hooray! we'll take it for now. The Bloc then presented its own 'slightly abbreviated' motion.
5. Igghead now accepted ownership of the issue. Thanks to him and his campaign, he trumpeted, the nation motion was accepted almost unanimously in parliament.
6. The Liberals were thus able to avoid what loomed as a very divisive debate at their convention. The resolution was withdrawn from discussion. Liza Frulla decided to shut up and draw a breath once in a while.

So who reopened the national unity debate? Not Harper.

Even in distributing laurels, the MSM has to say something negative ...

Merry Christmas to all
Bonne Année!

P.S. Joanne, you mentioned your SO is of French heritage. You may enjoy this site for French ecards (free), among other things:

jeff davidson said...

so far harper has managed to hang on to a small minority govt. hardly the stuff of legends.

wilson61 said...

CBC and CTV did not include:

''He has set himself the messianic tasks of remaking Canadian
federalism by curbing Ottawa's spending powers and overhauling Canada's health
care and social welfare system...For the way he has dramatically reshaped the
national conversation, for restoring a sense of competence and integrity to
high public office, and for proving that big ideas still matter in Canadian
politics, Stephen Harper has been chosen by TIME as Canada's Newsmaker of
2006," concludes Handelman.''