Monday, April 03, 2006

"Have you got Blogging on your Mind?"

Thanks very much to Blue Blogging Soapbox for choosing Joanne's Journey as this week's Blogging Tories Site of the Week. (I'm a little concerned about being #13, but I'll get over it). My efforts to track down and expose a misleading CTV report about the YWCA 'study' were given special attention.

As in the famous Gary Puckett song, I sometimes have problems getting away from this blog. It's almost like having a pet - If you go away for a few days, you wonder if it will be alright by itself, or should you put it in the "Comment Moderation" kennel?

But it takes no effort to write. For me it is as necessary as breathing and eating. Last year I sent out hundreds of letters to MSM, and had well over 35 of them printed in various papers such as the Post, Globe, Star, Sun and others.

This blog is now where I am directing most of my creative energy. There is never a shortage of things to write about. My only constraints are time, my family's indulgence and how much I want to aggravate my carpal tunnel syndrome.

There could be worse addictions, though. I have an outlet to vent my frustrations and to challenge others. To me, that's healthy.

And don't worry, Blue Blogging Soapbox - I'm not done with the YWCA story yet either. Stephen Harper isn't the only one with "steely resolve".


Chuckercanuck said...

Well, Joanne, its turned into a mild addiction for me.

Like you, my letter-writing has virtually stopped; when I get a great idea, I save it for the blog. I delude myself that it has as much influence on my blog as it does in the paper. Is that true? Probably not, but its fun to think that way.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, CC, anyone who is laid up on the couch with pneumonia and still manages to find time to blog is either mildly addicted or incredibly dedicated. ;-)

Good question about what has more influence. I suppose that it depends what audience you are trying to reach. If I were wanting to enlighten some left-leaners on a particular issue, I would probably try either commenting in a Liberal or Dipper blog, or maybe a letter to the editor in the Toronto Star.

The cool thing about blogs is the feedback though.

Steph said...

Well I am personally glad to have your comments more on the blog than in the papers because the only paper I get is the Post. And I wouldn't want to miss any of your insights!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, Steph, there's an angle I hadn't thought of. Good point!

Sara said...


I'm thrilled for you and I also like reading your mind!