Sunday, April 23, 2006

Red Blight on my Fair City

Anyone who watched Question Period today was able to see first hand what I have to put up with. Jason Kenney was pitted against Olivia Chow and my own M.P. Karen Redman (poor Jason!).

Debate on Afghanistan was the opening topic, with Kenney giving the government POV, and Chow extending her sympathy to families of fallen soldiers but maintaining that debate must continue and an exit strategy should be discussed.

Then it was Karen Redman's turn: She too supported the debate, and wanted to extend her condolences to the families of those who lost their lives, "but more important than that" she said, we should be looking beyond the war phase of the initiative.

Say what? Hopefully she was referring to the debate as being less important, but it was such a dismissive reference to those heros. What could possibly be more important to those families than the fact that their loved one just lost his or her life fighting for democracy? I can only imagine how a family member would feel watching her prattle on with her dizzying platitudes, all the while downplaying the significance of this sacrifice.

Environment: Jane Taber asked Ms. Redman about her government's poor record on greenhouse gas emissions. Karen defended her party by saying that the Liberals brought in the "Greenest Budget". Mmm.. That's right, Karen. Let's not confuse the issue with facts.

She said the 'One Ton Challenge' was a local success story! Reality check: Manure doesn't count.

Childcare: Stephen Harper should be listening to "experts" in the field, who promote national daycare. Jason Kenney shot her down by reminding everyone that his government feels the best experts are 'Mom' and 'Dad', not tax-funded special interest groups.

* * * * *

Most important, whenever you hear Karen Redman say that people in her riding feel this way or that, please remember that she is asking her buddies and assistants for their opinions.

She knows better than to ask me.


Mary said...

I laughed out loud at the last sentence!

Chuckercanuck said...

I was particularly shocked by her mention of the one-tonne-challenge.

I don't know a single person who benefited anything from any money they spent.

she said in her riding, lots of people benefited. yes, yes, that's sort of how the sponsorship program worked, HRDC worked, Shawinigate anyone? Yes, her riding, she assures, got some money in the deal.

my backbenchers riding? nada.

molarmauler said...

Red Blight is a fungal disease that withers under the bright light of day.

Keep shining Joanne!

Platty said...

She might ask you how you feel Joanne, but she would never hear what you have to say.


Joe Edmonton said...

Hey Chuckercanuck

I know the single person who benefited - Rick Mercer

Proud K-W Conservative said...

Well written Jo-anne...
As a fellow K-W resident it is embarrassing to have such a twit for an M.P.

Great strides were made against her last election, and if she keeps spouting such nonsense she will be vulnerable next time...

Keep up the good work!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hey Joe Edmonton! Too funny!! (And true).

Proud K-W Conservative: Thanks! Together, we shall overcome. I want to be able to say some day, I am PROUD of my M.P.!!!

Dark Blue Tory said...

It used to drive me nuts when I'd watch my former Liberal MP Aileen Carroll attempt to do the same thing about her constituents "opinions." It's funny, she never called me!

Sara said...

This is what happens when I have to work outside the home argggggghhh

Dark Blue Tory said...


Did you read Lorrie Goldstein's article today?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I read it DBT. Wasn't it awesome?

Riley Hennessey said...

SUCH a good post Joanne.

I agree Redman was just deplorable as was Dosanj today. I just don't get the Liberal message on Afghanistan.. WHAT IS IT? Oh I'm just embarassed out the ying yang on this issue. Why is my party out to lunch when the rest of the team is taking notes.

One-tonne-challenge you say? In my hometown in New Brunswick, the federal government paid for 4 employees to go around and "promote" composting and other enviro-friendly things.... seriously you can imagine how effective these four clowns were. Now, if we were to take the 150 thousand bucks they had to work with and say use it effectively to reduce emissions instead of TALKING about it, don't you think that would be better?

Crike I see people like Redman on TV and I think to myself, "what is this amateur hour at the Four Seasons?"

Chuckercanuck said...

joe edmonton -

right on. do you think his contract was competitive bid?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol!! You guys crack me up!

MM - Thanks for the emotional support. You're right; if we keep exposing the blight to the sunlight of truth, it will eventually wither and fade away.

Platty - Sadly, you are right. She has selective hearing anyway. I'm sure my emails get automatically routed to trash now.

DBT - Aileen Carroll. My sympathies. Who do you have now?

Riley - Thanks so much for your very candid comments! If a Liberal out east is watching Karen Redman on QP and thinking the same thing I am, then what is wrong with the rest of this riding? Do they not see the problem here? This woman opens her mouth and words come out, but I can't figure out what she is saying! I get dizzy just listening to her!

JE and CC - The best thing about the One Ton Challenge being dropped was not having to watch Rick Mercer's in -your-face commercials!!!

Sara said...

Yes I did,, I thanked Lorrie too! my blog is acting up I'm trying to post some articles but I can't arggghhhhh