Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wish you were there

(Reposted from Blue Like You - Apr 8, 2011.)

Fantastic time this evening as Stephen Harper was warmly welcomed by a noisy and packed Tri-cities crowd in Kitchener

Incumbents Stephen Woodworth, Peter Braid, Gary Goodyear and Harold Albrecht were there as well as Guelph CPC candidate Marty Burke.

I'm just going to throw out my impressions here while they're fresh in my mind.

The excitement seemed to increase relative to the number of people pouring into the room. All available seating filled up in about 15 minutes and then it was standing room only. Music started to warm up the crowd and we played balloon volleyball for a while. People were shouting Harper, Harper and getting very excited. It was like waiting for a Rock Star to appear at a concert.

Finally Stephen Harper was introduced by the area MPs and made his appearance to a hugely enthusiastic pack of supporters. Thundersticks were booming and frenetic shouts of "Harper! Harper!" filled the room.

I glanced back at the media folks and their expressions were blank. This was all business for them.

But I reflected on what a great country we live in where we have the privilege of elections and the excitement of being with like-minded citizens who see Stephen Harper as such a competent leader.

His rally speech was warm, humorous and genuine. He seemed to really appreciate the enthusiasm of the supporters.

I'm not doing the experience justice here, but my message to you is to try to get to a rally this election - it's so incredibly energizing.

You will get so much out of it and appreciate how blessed we are to have had Stephen Harper for our Prime Minister these past five years, and how much we need him moving forward!

Please help us get that Conservative Majority.

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