Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Don't just yell at the T.V.

(Reposted from Blue Like You on Apr 2, 2011)

I'm just back from the grand opening of a local campaign office and want to mention a few things while they're still fresh in my mind.

Any Canadians wanting to see Stephen Harper's Conservatives get that majority need to ask themselves what they are doing to help achieve that goal.

Are you just sitting home getting angry at the bias on MSM and watching your blood pressure rise? Do you come to blogs like this to vent and rage, but never take that next step?

We are at a critical time in the history of our country. There is a very strong probability that the results of this election will either yield a Conservative majority or some kind of coalition involving the Liberals and NDP with the Bloc having tremendous influence. Realistically the chances of a Liberal majority are slim at this point, but that could change too.

So you have to make a decision. Can you afford to be complacent and hope that it all works out for the best?

I am begging you to call or visit your local Conservative campaign office right now. Find out how you can help - and there are so many ways. So much need. Or perhaps your assistance could be put to better use in a tightly-contested neighbouring riding instead.

But please get directly involved. Channel your rage and anger into constructive action.

Do everything you can in the next few weeks so that you can live with yourself after the election - Whatever the outcome.

Thank you.

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The Kitchener-Waterloo area is going to be the focus of two very tight campaigns. I plan to expand on that at a future time.

Meanwhile if you live near this area, please check out Stephen Woodworth's and Peter Braid's campaign websites.

Stephen Woodworth in particular is going to have a tough fight against Karen Redman who desperately wants to reclaim the seat she lost in the 2008 election.

If you can help Stephen Woodworth please contact his Kitchener constituency office at (519) 745-2700. Thanks.

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I plan to use this blog as a backup resource for important posts.


Soccermom said...

BLY is suspended? What happened, Joanne?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Just an outage Soccermom. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

You can still have some virtual coffee at Sandy's. ;)