Monday, July 24, 2006

Breaking News re: Caledonia

The Caledonia stand-off has been flying under the radar lately, due likely to more urgent concerns in the Middle East. However, the dispute is still far from resolved.

Today Justice David Marshall called into court representatives from provincial police, the Ministry of the Attorney General, and the aboriginal occupiers. He is again demanding to know why his orders to police to end the aboriginal land dispute in Caledonia haven't been carried out. He is hearing legal arguments about why the protesters are still at the housing development in spite of his orders.

Lawyers for the Attorney General say Marshall's orders have been carried out, noting police have laid 53 charges against 28 people.

I would classify this as 'selective hearing'. The OPP ("Ontario Paralyzed Police" according to Caledonia Wake Up Call) and the Ontario government seem to be only following the orders that they wish to hear. The site remains occupied.

Meanwhile, the Hamilton Spectator carries a story today about a Haldimand OPP officer openly admitting to a two-tier justice system in Caledonia, and describing his personal shame in the process!!! What are Dalton McGuinty and the OPP upper-echelon doing to the collective morale of these poor officers? It is a disgrace!

Also from Wake-up Call, a first-hand account of Saturday's native run-in with the OPP. Funny how that has been kept so quiet.

Finally, I just caught the tail-end of an interview on Newstalk 570 with Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara. Gary Doyle was talking to him about Caledonia, among other things. Sorbara said that the Caledonia situation was a 'wake-up call' for the government. He actually used that phrase! He must read the website!!

He also said that the federal government seems to be awol on this issue. Imagine that! If that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is. Actually, I have heard that the federal government is working quietly behind the scenes on this, but it the matter is formally under provincial jurisdiction. And, BTW, the Feds do have their hands somewhat full right now in the Middle East, Mr. Sorbara!!!

Sorbara admitted to only a 'symbolic blockade' remaining on the disputed land.

Judge Marshall said today in court, "If court orders can be disregarded the whole fabric of democracy falls to pieces."

I guess someone should explain to the Judge that certain 'symbolic' exceptions are allowed in Ontario. Maybe he was absent from law school that day.

More at Dust My Broom.

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TrustOnlyMulder said...

Joanne, even more breaking news. The Ottawa Police Chief just announced his resignation. A Channel says it was totally unexpected.

With the Ottawa Police being the force that overlooks Yellow Belly McShifty's riding, this is going to get juicier and juicier.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Why wouldn't the RCMP investigate?

PGP said...

Ever feel like your caught in a toilet flush...going round and round with the same old excrement...down the drain?
Your consolation is....
Your fearless leader has upheld the principles of progressive policy!

On the other hand the voters in Ontario may shake off the liberal sympathy they hold so dear and start behaving like grown ups with a stake in the society they inhabit.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - Good point. I don't see a lot of anger yet, but maybe by the time the next election rolls around...

I wonder if all the problems will magically disappear then. Will all the native land claims be settled? Should be interesting to see how all that works out.

Hamilton apartments said...

Lot's of people are upset with Greg Sorbara.

Other said...

Marshall can't understand why his order isn't being enforced because he can't get it through his head that he has no authority in the issue.

Canadian Law clearly states ALL issues between native nations must be between the federal government and must include a third, outside body. It also recognizes Six Natiions as sovereign. Marshall needs to get off his little pony as is wasting OUR time and money (our being the tax payer).

I'm all for Rule of Law, and Marshall isn't going deep enough. He needs to realize his place and should be pointing it out to Squinty MaGuinty.

Because the Prov and the Feds have been ignoring Rule of Law this will all now have to go over to the Governor General who will have to advise the Queen. This is the proper protocol. The government's avoidance of Rule of Law is going to cost the tax payer dearly in the end.

The Harper government is avoiding this one as a political ploy. That's an obvious one. He wants his hands as clean as possible so he won't be the first PM to recognize sovereign rights, and yet sovereignty for natives means we the tax payers won't have to be supporting the top heavy, huge and useless Department of Indian Affairs.