Monday, January 02, 2006

A Non-Partisan Plea

I am sending this out into the Canadian Blogosphere on behalf of volunteers of all party stripes who are canvassing in this election: We are volunteers!! That means we do not receive any pay or compensation of any kind for our hours and hours of walking up and down streets, knocking on doors, slipping on ice and trying really hard not to have our noses running when you answer your door. We have encountered all kinds of weather. Our pens have frozen to our fingertips. We have encountered freezing rain, ice pellets, sleet and slush. We are wet, cold and exhausted.

When you answer the doorbell, please don't just glance at our party brochure and slam the door in our faces. We are out here because we think we can make a difference; each in our own way. We care about our country, and where it is going. To those businesses and stores that won't let canvassers use their washrooms, I ask you to consider what price you put on democracy and freedom? Is it not in your best interest to provide your facilities so that our country can continue to flourish and encourage free enterprise? (And by the way, to that great Jamaican restaurant owner - I won't say where - Thanks so much for having pity on two cold and desparate women today!).

And to all those people that actually smiled, and thanked us for canvassing and delivering a message of hope, I say thank you! Your encouragement is what keeps us going. We believe in Canada, and we believe in democracy. But we can't do it without your support. God bless you!


Dave said...

Well thanks to your comments, I have a new appreciation for all those annoying 'knocks on my door' interruptions of other MUCH more important current events, such as 'The World Junior Hockey Tournament'. So maybe next time there is a knock on my door, I will actually answer, and give you volunteer folks a few seconds of my time, to make your point.

I suppose that trying to understand the beliefs of the Politicians, who will run our lives for the next four years, by Right of Federal Government, should get some of my time ... even if watching our Canadian Junior Hockey Team beat up on the Russians and Americans, seems much more relevent, on this good ol Canadian winter night.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for your insight, Dave. I never thought about it that way. Next time I'm out canvassing and somebody starts screaming and yelling at me, I'll just assume they're not happy with the way the game's going. At least that way, I won't take it personally.