Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A bittersweet Victory

Well, I’m slowly crawling out of my unexplained funk today. Stephen Harper will be the next Prime Minister of Canada! And yet, I mourn for our local candidate who made such an incredible effort. My daughter and I spent countless afternoons and evenings over the past five months canvassing with him. We were so hopeful, but our riding seems set in its Liberal ways for the moment.

However, when I look at the big picture, I can’t help being amazed that we actually booted the Liberals out of their self-proclaimed entitlement to power! Congratulations Stephen Harper on a job well done!

Mr. Harper and his worthy caucus now have the difficult task of trying to re-establish public trust in government. With the help of the NDP and the Bloc, this task should be facilitated. Liberal corruption will be exposed and punished. I have the feeling that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg on that issue.

Canada now has a truly federal party with a national, inclusive view; one that Quebec can cling to with hope; one that will finally give the west a voice that has been so long shut out.

God Bless Canada! The sky didn’t fall - and it is a glorious shade of blue!


Steph said...

Yes, it was truly a night of mixed emotion. Thank you for pointing out the encouraging big picture and directing my gaze to the beautiful Conservative blue sky. Things are looking up for the country.

mary said...

Dear Jo
Yes, it is a bittersweet victory,
but I intend to pray for this prime-minister, for God to give him wisdom in dealing everything his job reqires. If everyone would pray for him think of the thousands of helping hands that would be helping raise him up when the moment comes that he will need it most.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, Stephen Harper will need strength and wisdom. Now at least we have hope and a chance to escape from all the propaganda.

Thanks, Mom for that little gem you shared with Steph and I this morning:
"Do not be discouraged--Know that the entrenched spirits that call good evil and evil good only come out by good and godly progress. Today is a start. Be wise and prayerful & in all things give thanks to God, for he heard your prayers and is in the business of answering them one victory at a time."

Gerry said...

I like you watched the results coming in with mixed feelings. I never doubted the Conservative victory, but I was hoping for a better showing in Ontario (especially in Toronto). It's difficult to unseat incumbent's which was proven again in the KW area. The Quebec victories were especially sweet. In retrospect it was a great day as you described. This is the first step in setting the stage for bigger and better things to come. I'm very confident that Prime Minister Harper will use this mandate wisely to develop a solid foundation, and win a majority in the next election.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gerry, I agree that this is a marvellous opportunity for Stephen Harper. Ontario has made it clear it only wants to test-drive the car at this time. It is up to all of us in the Conservative party and the rest of Canada to close the deal.