Friday, February 24, 2006

What Price, Freedom?

I recently received a message from someone very close to me, who is much better apprised of U.S. politics than I am. Her email is as follows:

"As a Canadian it always amazes me to see the disrespect that the U.S. Democrats show for President Bush. Scripture and Abe Lincoln said that a nation divided against itself cannot stand.
It seems to me that the terrorists who are united against America are laughing gleefully as they divide and conquer.
The prima-donnas of the American liberal press are more like Pamela Anderson dancing around a pole, all eyes are to be focused on them.
Neville Chamberlain thought by appeasing Hitler they could contain him. Now the extreme peacenik left again are singing the same old refrain, give peace & terrorists a chance.
To do what?
The main stream media is definitely biased against Christians. They would love it if we had no say on anything ever. Because we don't get in their face they think they have neutralized us. Like and elephant we have a long memory when we go to the ballot box."

Well, there are a few issues here. One is the importance of freedom of the press and freedom of speech vs. the importance of presenting an impression of solidarity against the enemy. I would suggest that if there is another 9/11, the leftist media and democrats would quickly get behind George Bush.

However, I think that the very fact that we can openly express a difference of opinion is the ultimate weapon that rankles the enemy.

The thing is though, we all need equal access to that Freedom of Speech. That includes Christians.


Mary said...

Right on Jo!

Gerry said...

I agree Joanne. I also still feel the silent majority in the U.S. strongly agree with Christian values and morales, unfortunately they are not heard until election day. Hollywood and Michael Moore's attempts to derail Bush's re-election failed, as did the all other attempts to blame him for everything wrong in the World. Americans for the most part are my kind of people and I'm extremely glad they're our neighbour - Canada has a lot to be thankful for.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, I agree with you Gerry. I wonder why Hollywood and the artsy types are so left-wing. I heard that Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong broke up over political differences! (She hates Bush). All I can say is "Livestrong"!

mary said...

I disagree Jo, when you said the left and the media would get behind the U.S. President if another 911 took place. I think that the media and the left leaning democrats & Hollywood are so consumed with hatred toward George W. Bush that they are blinded by their hatred as to who the real enemy is. Terrorists are really Islamic fundamentalists .
I really think that everyone is really walking in fear and tippy-toeing around saying what is really happening here. The free press is quaking in fear now after the cartoon incident. With half the world in an uproar over what a simple cartoon can provoke, think of what can happen if someone wrote a book like Salmon Rushdie did, who had his very life threatened. But a safer target for the press and the left is Christianity. The book the DaVinci code & the movie coming out, is a direct slap at the divinity of Jesus Christ, but no death threats or millions of Christians demonstrating will happen. So do I think that the American left would unify in the face of another 911? The answer is only for a short time as they did after 911 and then the same old, same old would happen. Abraham Lincoln said a nation divided cannot stand and you can see by such divisions within the American free culture, hatred spewing from everyone's mouth. Can America and the West survive with such a determined enemy at it's throat? I say as a Christian, only by the grace of God. Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler and it did not work. What lies ahead is maybe Matthew 24 in the Bible.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, you're probably right, that the left would only support Bush for a short time if there were another terrorist attack.

There is such a huge divide in world views, that democratic governments are forever trying to compromise and accomodate everyone. In the end, nobody is satisfied.