Friday, February 24, 2006

Good Advice from Down Under

Here is a great article from CNS News about how Australia is handling immigration. Blog reader Joe tipped me off on that one.

"The Australians are proceeding as we have discussed on your blog. Identify and promote essential cultural values and make them a requirement for citizenship. Agree to adhere to them, or leave the country.

I'd love to hear such plain, logical talk from a Canadian politician!"

So would I, Joe!!


Carolyn said...

Interesting article from "Down Under". The issue of immigrants embracing the values underpinning Canadian law is important. Those who hail from societies in which tolerance of differences is not valued require education about western ideas of freedom of the press, democracy, gender equality, anti-racism and tolerance of pluralism. This education should be systematic and immediate upon entry to Canada. Paradoxically, current Canada-Think promotes tolerance to the extreme of tolerating the intolerance of some immigrant groups simply because they are minorities. An example of this is the noteworthy absence of the Dutch cartoons in our newspapers. Such a huge global news story received voluntary Canadian media censorship. Why? We need to create a system of educating our immigrants about the essential concepts that underpin our society. For example, in 1997 Canada passed a law criminalizing FGM (female genital mutilation). Although this abhorrent practice is against the law in Canada, there is no system in place to educate immigrant groups who practice FGM. The law is written but the people don't live by it, a Canadian version of The Cider-House Rules.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Very good points, Carolyn. Thanks so much for your contribution. Another example of Canada turning a blind eye is the Sharia Law issue. Ontario was pressured to ban it, but in reality it will still go on; just like polygamy in Bountiful B.C. I haven't heard of anyone being prosecuted. We are too wishy-washy to take a tough stand on minority issues.

Mary said...

Excellent piece Carolyn! Thanks for your excellent blog site Joanne, as the intelligence of and thoughtful considerations of our Canadian females is so readily seen and displayed here.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This blog would be nothing without the fantastic participation of so many intelligent people of both (all?) genders. Thanks to everyone!